Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new Right Wing purity test. Are you conservative enough to do without socialism?

From one of my Conservative Friends, trying to make an obvious point obviouser.


With the recent passage of health care legislation, I (as a Republican or Tea Partier) will not do the following:

1) I will not partake in the Socialist health care system that is ObamaCare.

2) I will not be employed by a place that makes me pay a Socialist Social Security Tax. I will become an independent contractor, or live in the woods and support myself.

3) I will not join the Socialist Armed forces, which are funded by tax dollars in a Socialist-like manner.

4) (If I am over 65 years of age) I will not cash another Socialist Social Security check. I will live off of pety hand outs and whatever the AARP gives me. I will also not use Socialist Medicare or Medicaid. I would much rather pay premiums that go up by 40% each year.

5) I will not run for public office, since I would be enticed to take advantage of a Socialist health care plan and a Socialist Retirement Program.

6) I will not drive on paved roads, which is funded in a Socialistic manner. Instead, I will drive my automobile off-road to get everywhere or just ride a horse.

7) If I am the victim of a crime or circumstance, I will not call upon the Socialist Police Department or the Socialist Fire Department to help me. I would rather get robbed or watch my house burn than utilize a Socialist, Government-funded institution.

8) I will not send my children to Socialist public schools. I will either home school them or send them to a private school. Or heck, I could even have them listen to Rush Limbaugh. He seems like a nice guy.

9) If I go to college, I will not accept Socialist Government grants. I would rather pay my way through school virtually unassisted.

10) I will not mail letters from the Socialist Post Office. Instead, I will enlist the help of the Pony Express.

11) I will not answer the Socialistic, Government funded Census. I would rather have a minimal number of teachers, buses and traffic lights. In signing this, I won't be sending my kids to the Socialist schools and I'm riding a horse for the rest of my life instead of driving on the roads constructed by Socialist government funding. Why should I care about these things?

We will abide by these rules to ensure that Socialistic concepts and programs do not affect our lives.

The Undersigned

Thanks Troy.



Kevin Scheunemann said...

My answers

1.) Would love to "escape" this. Are you going to give the citizen the choice to NOT pay all the hidden taxes resulting from this authoritarian mandate?

2.) Great. Will you give employers a choice not to be forced to withold SS tax?

3.) Only liberals oppose the armed forces. So armed forces is not a "socialist" concept. A standing army is needed to protect freedom and democracy. Socialism is not freedom and democracy.

4.) I would rather live off my savings, investment, resulting from my lifelong responsible behavior---that is, if "progressives" don't come along and steal it through taxation.

5.) I am a public official, but don't get any of these health and retirement benefits you talk about.

6.) I pay for roads with my gas tax $$. (Unless Jim Doyle raids the fund for something stupid--like trains.) If this makes me "socialist", so be it. I call it economic capitalist production.

7.) Police and fire protection is essential to freedom and democracy. Again, liberals are the ones most opposed to police departments and their policies. See #3. In AZ, there are private fire departments...I would not be necessarily opposed to private fire departments if structured properly.

8.) I send my kids to private school. Can I get a refund on my public school property taxes?

9.) FEDEX, UPS, internet email, online bill pay. USPS is obsolete, like many "socialist" institutions.

10.) Census is part of the Constitution. Following the constitution is patriotic, not "socialism" in the economic sense.

All in all, a pretty biased "survey".

Free Lunch said...

I see Kevin hasn't developed a sense of humor or any concern about his fellow man over the break.

Kevin Scheunemann said...
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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch,

Last 2 weeks,

1.) I gave out and wrote checks for music scholars.

2.) Attended a community cooperation meeting in Kewaskum which included school district, village government, civic groups, cultural groups, etc.

3.) Cut checks to Kewaskum Food Pantry.

4.) Attended Kiwanis meetings where we gave away numerous amounts of money to various community activities.

I did not need any government agency to tell me to do any of these things.

What did you do?

Just curious if your "concern" for your fellow man "measures up" to the unapologetic capitalist

DanBack said...

Were any of these done in your capacity as your church treasurer? Because if they weren't I'd say you should start paying off your credit cards before you give so much money away. Stop screwing Visa while helping people too damn lazy to work for the money to buy their own food!

DanBack said...

"the unapologetic capitalist" who is able to make his living due to government corn subsidies keeping his costs low on everything from soda pop to beef patties.

Stop stealing my money Kevin!

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Yes, some of them were done in my volunteer "treasurer" capacity.

Does it upset you that I'm not the stereotype, uncaring, capitalist you want me to be?

If it does, will that diminish the political strength of all the personal scrutiny...I don't want to take away anyone's main political argument (fallacy) to my excellent points.

I have no control over the growing of corn. I'm against farm subsidies as much as the next guy. My franchisee CO-OP negotiates the best price (which I help with as one of the national directors) for our buying group.

I didn't realize you considered that a crime.

I have to admit, you set some pretty high standards for me.

DanBack said...

You say you are against corn subsidies, yet you profit from them.

So when the government trough is full of something you like it not "socilism", huh?

Gotcha. That's quite a religion you've got there.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Are you saying I can't profit from socialism?

Where do you profit with government subsidy?

When government screws up the free market with taxes and subsidy, capitalists need to adapt.

I'm against farm subsidy, but until Democrats stop giving out the farm pork, there is nothing I can do about it. Sensenbrenner is against a lot of farm pork. I voted for him.

Does that make you feel better?