Monday, March 15, 2010

Limbaugh Endorses Socialist Paradise |

I'm going to have to completely recalibrate my irony meter.

Limbaugh Endorses Socialist Paradise


Kevin Scheuemann said...

If Costa Rica is socialist paradise...why don't they have an immigration problem?

Last I checked, people flow to the U.S., not Coasta Rica.

When the gates are down, people flow away from socialism, not towards it.

John Jost said...

In "The Politics of Earthquakes" (Shepherd Express), Joe Conason wrote:

"Here in the United States, however, anti-government ideology is a pandemic mental tic that has now developed into a virulent disorder afflicting a large number of citizens — including many of our selfstyled conservatives."

"Infuriated because their party cannot permanently control the White House and the Congress, they have gradually persuaded themselves that all government is evil, that all taxation is theft and that all regulation is tyranny. Or at least that is the tone of their rhetoric."

Very accurate.

Mpeterson said...

Wrong as usual Kev.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Looks like the socialist paradise will only take you, "guaranteed", if you can prove to them you are a capitalist pig!

Too funny!

Looks like they need capitalists to plunder!

Socialists devoid of wealth and productivity need not apply.


Anonymous said...

Hey, DQ Champ: just fucking google it and shut up: