Monday, March 15, 2010

Like all radicals, the ultra-rights eventually eat their young.

Yep, they do.

Everyone At Fox Hates Glenn Beck Too


Robert said...

Speaking of which...

The most recent list of advertisers...and please note the list of sponsors who have dropped available here:

We vote every day with the products we buy.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Everyone at Fox news hates Glen what?

I don't like listening to his show at all, but that doesn't mean he's not a commercial talk show success.

Its not unheard of to be a success and an ass at the same time!

Distance Relative said...

jon jost,

i am disappointed the Ning network is down.

you did not allow me to post my anecdotal musings about golf and the therapeutic value it has for students,to soak up the sun and smell the freshly poisoned grass...
although to spice it up with some young adults learning for the first time what it is like to lie naked together with members of the same sex. but i figured the raciness of the graphically simulated fellatio might detract from my attempt not to upset the 'ole apple cart.BTW,part deu is not at all about gold,but,rather,how to correctly peel a carrot.
the addendum finally was to be about how a tampon was lodged up my ex-girlfriend and it took so long to get out we went ahead and did it, tampon and all.

tell me,Jon, is the liberal touchy-feely(in all the right ways buddy)sentiment you dislike about the these comments making your hair curl (oh,wait,i guess that wouldn't happen.)would you prefer you read some homosexual child pornography.

well, restart the ning account already.

we'll see where you really stand through inverted-bipolarity.

John Jost said...

@Distance Relative:

First, my name is JOHN (not really, but anyway). What the f*** was that all about? You make no sense whatsoever. I was just attempting to set up an open forum without pointing in any given direction, and then to step aside - but nobody apparently gave a sh** or had anything to say.

Where the fellatio and all come into play, I don't know. Is that what you dream about? Then go ahead, by all means. I hear a blues song that goes: you only live once and when you're gone, you're gone, so let the good times roll.

John Jost said...

AND, Distance:

If you ever conjure up the nerve to use your name, I'll know who you are instead of just suspecting that I know.

Kevin Scheunemann is often given a hard time for what he writes, but I'll grant him that he is open enough to sign his comments rather than writing as some "I'm much cooler online" Santa Claus.

Nate Bodensteiner said...



hey, trick question,who taught me to have confidence in myself and my intellect whether it pissed people off or not?

here is a hint: i didn't go to no ivy league school....
but apparently it shows that i had some really,REALLY good teachers.

so...i accidental wrote a post somehow in a stupor of oblivion, please do not take it personally.

p.s. iwas too late to the Ning board, but i would have loved it and WASgoing to post on it.I am not very smary, especially about the internets.