Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gingrich Group Attacks Gingrich Tactic

I'm not surprised when Dick Armey does something chowderheaded, but Newt? Maybe he's been affected by the madness too.

Gingrich Group Attacks Gingrich Tactic | Media Matters Action Network


PaulyW said...

Steney Hoyer went balistic over it...deem and pass...when they would not let them play.....but now it's ok in his book. typical 2 faced politician.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


You missed Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden denouncing reconciliation as senators when Republicans were using it in 2005. Now they all endorse using the same tactic when they are in power.

Democrats are hypocritical power mongers as well.

The solution is to give politicians less political power, not more political power...but yet you advocate policies to give these jokers more power!

John Jost said...

Breaking silence: Jokers 'R Us, Kevin. We elect the jokers, last time I checked. What do you recommend, Posse Comitatus?