Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dems sell out to Republican pressure and, viola, democracy occurs.

Another reason to return to feudalism where, at least, the nobility was courteous as they cut off your head and stole your crops.

PolitiFact | Top 10 facts to know about health care reform


wbman said...

"Viola"? I think you meant "voila". Or as Jessica McBride famously wrote, "Wallah!".

Mpeterson said...

Ha! I was listening to a viola piece as I was typing... We'll have to call me Jess from now on.

John Jost said...

This morning, I finally found the proof of God's existence that convinces me:

(1) See this bonfire?
(2) Therefore, God exists.

Considering the day's bonfire parties, I'd better believe it. Anyway, I could go see Him in person. In today's Daily News, a heading announces: "Divine Savior to host country fair".

John Jost said...

Wallah is funny, wbman, although Jessica McBride is not.

This reminds me of my German-born friend Wolfhart who once complained, while scribbling on a chalkboard, that Americans love to flaunt their German by greeting you with "WE GATES?"

kevin scheunemann said...

I found this disgusting:

"3. Everyone will have to have health insurance or pay a fine, a requirement known as the individual mandate. The government intends to cap premiums for people who make below a certain income. For people who buy insurance on the exchanges, a family of four making $88,000 would have a cap of 9.5 percent of their income. Lower incomes would have lower caps. The fine for not having insurance would be a minimum of $695 per person per year, with exemptions for financial hardship and other special cases."

So in a free society, one is "fined" $695, under this health care bill, for just existing?

Why stop at $695? Why not 100% of income? Our government masters evidently think they are smarter than us with our money.

If this is "progresive" thinking these days, I want to run away from it as fast as I can.

What happened to being "pro choice" as a so-called "progressive"? Or does "pro choice" only apply to abortion and/or other "sanctioned" life disposal activities?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I missed the obvious:

This is all about Democrats/liberals/progressives returning us to a feudal system. As peasants to the Washington masters, we need to pay "tribute" for "protection" they require us to buy.

How this squares with being "pro-choice", I have no idea.

We are too stupid to make our own health care decisions, but smart enough to be able to decide to kill unborn children....hmmmmmmmmmm

John Jost said...
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Kevin Scheunemann said...

I've been thinking about your biased headline on this article. I suggest instead:

1. Democrats possibly embrace common sense.

2. Congress opts to not fine Americans choosing to pay cash for their health care.

3. Republicans were right when they said Democrats should actually read the bill!

My suggestions give it a more accurate flavor of what is happening.