Thursday, March 04, 2010

Anti-Gay State Sen. Got DUI After Leaving Gay Nightclub

No no no... it happened in California.

Roy Ashburn ARRESTED: Anti-Gay State Sen. Got DUI After Leaving Gay Nightclub, Sources Say

Maybe he too, was a meth addict -- easier for conservatives to swallow, if history is a guide, than being gay.


DanBack said...

Just conducting field research I'm sure.

But seriously folks, what about the global warming scandal?

But SERIOUSLY folks, we really need to protect THE CHILDREN from everything.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the psychological implications are overwhelming.

Perfect evidence that such extreme rejection and hatred towards a specific group of people is a reflection of the self. Or should I say, a fun-house mirror reflection of the self.

Distance Relative said...


you gotta look at this as profound;
how could a philosopher not notice the Platonic implications here.

Socrates grabbed the dirt and said "look, do we have a concept for this?" and he grabbed the loose strands of hair and said "what of this? Are we talking about 'hair' or every single strand of hair?"

I've got a question: the ideal Republican. Can we form a notion of that concept anymore?

Distance Relative said...

Let me rephrase:
the Republicans and their 99th percent or whatever it is, when they outgun Democrats, it usually has nothing to do with their actions!
The Dems are cartoons, too, but it seems that, despite protestations from the right to the contrary,since Republicans never fail to counter-actualize their own principles (and, use, against members of their own party, the tactics of marginalization which have always served them so well,) they seem to have nothing going for them but an "image" which is indeed mediated through mediums, not the least of which is FoxNews,and the image, and medium, encompasses everything from firm hand-shake's to phony "solidarity" when it come to pro-football, to exclusionary Rotary clubs to grotesque evangelical capitalist distortions of, well, "his" word, to tunnels of incarceration (gosh, i just KNEW i would stumble upon the right metaphor for them in this rant-see if you can figure out what it is)and even encompasses a kind off quasi- fascist/Nazi spirit of "pleasing the neighbors" (like here in West Bend)
Look, why doesn't everybody get the "majority rules" part?
good job keeping up the image guys:
what was it that you said you wanted, again?....sorry, but I'm losing you. it must be the hot air and the power of the static!

Mpeterson said...

Beautifully put my Parmenidean relative. I haven't been sure, since the late 80's, what a real Republican or Democrat is anymore.

Ordinary Jill said...

I've never been a fan of political parties. All parties, like all corporations, are more interested in pursuing their own self-interests (keeping the majority in Congress, maximizing 3rd quarter profits) than in promoting the general welfare and ensuring the blessings of liberty. I would love to see more independents elected to Congress. That, in my opinion, would do more to reduce partisanship than anything else. If neither party has enough votes to ram through legislation (or filibuster) on its own, the legislation will have to stand or fall on its own merits.

Distance Relative said...

oh but
im not even finished.

this superficiality in American politics is mirrored by people who have the heart and soul to create a civil society, a society with civil rights across the board.

theses kind-hearted voters ae rebelling against the capitalist machine by being suckered into the "hope" line and not by RAGING against the machine.

this unique and egalitarian welding of those who are not doing so well in society with the so-called "elites" who listen to their own moral conscience is somewhat historically unique.

But this only occurs because of several psychological projections whose images mar the truth. the upper-class liberal cannot pretend to know the sufferings of the masses. they can only speculate.
Again, it all forms a picture, and for the democratic this picture has been inverted, so that they chase after their own ideals, fighting themselves and not fighting the republicans.

Also, the liberal belief that capitalism can be regulated and made compatible with civic society loses faith when confronted with the harsh reality of just how fast the rip-tide of capitalism roars.

But, in the end, if I had to choose between the selfish,with their short-sighted and lewd wasting of resources and pissing on high culture, a short-sightedness that leads to young and beautiful americans to be fed through a meat grater in far-off lands, if the choice is between that and people who are right and just but suffer from a guilt complex and na complete lack of guerrilla tactics re: appropriating the war machine(who calls it socialism in America?Those who cannot grasp the Khmer Rouge.)Then I guess I would go with the weak sheep of Nietzsche's dreams.
They are cute, the sheep, and they will indeed put you to sleep.