Thursday, March 11, 2010

Americans don't drink tea. March 13th is National Coffee Party Day.

March 13th is National Coffee Party Day.

Find your closest Coffee Party here.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I missed the "progressive" memo...

When did all the vicious left wing name calling of the tea party movement stop and the left wing emulation of the tea party begin?????

Unless of course, this is simple "innocent" mocking of the tea party. In that case, at least the left wing description of the tea party movement has moved from hate speech to something mildly amusing.

Mpeterson said...

Sticks and stones...

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Where was the "sticks and stones" argument when you were using the term "teabagger"?

What is the left wing progressive/collectivist template for tea partiers these days? Disorganized hicks? or well funded, well educated, global conspiracy?

I really want to know. I'm getting mixed signals.

Mpeterson said...

I just follow the money Kevin, as always.

Where are the teabaggers getting their organizational funding? What deep pockets are marketing the Koolaid to them?

This information is available is you'd look -- but I'm afraid to tell you since it'll ruin your fun... or make you take responsibility for the damage your world view is causing the nation.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I suppose George Soros, ACORN,, and other billionaire left wing funded groups get the same scrutiny by you?

At least the tea party politics inspires and leads. and other groups of their ilk tear down and ridicule.

I always thought the big government world view where every decision from table salt, to cigerettes, to light bulbs, to health care, to incentives for work are decided by some far flung, unconcerned, bureaucrat in Washington D.C was the damaging world view.

Any world view that removes simple decisions from my freedom of choice is damaging to this country. I'm not a "progressive", stamping out every last bit of individual my world view would be "enlightened".

Just thought I'd help you out with a correction.

Mpeterson said...

The difference is that Soros spends his money promoting democratic values. The people bankrolling the tea party are only interested in economic values and, more specifically, their own bank accounts.

Why is this mystifying to you Kevin? Didn't you know?

Or are you still under the impression that you and billionaire oligarchs have something in common?

DanBack said...

"where every decision from table salt"

Not that I'm surprised you let Drudge do your thinking for you Kevin, but really? As a New Yorker who has heard more about this story than the few word headline Drudge posted, it's quite obvious this was only proposed as a pr move to make people think about how much salt we consume.

To read any more into it is just you keeping the big bad wolf you need alive and kicking.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, here's a rundown on the "Coffee Party" as the genuine deal on what astroturfing is about:

Founder is Annabel Park, codirector of "United for Obama" video, the original website was registered to "Real Virginians for Webb" (Sen. Jim Webb - D)and there is a whole bunch of other partisan tracks that she has left behind - should be child's play fisk the heck out of this one.

Yeah, this is one crazy train that is going to pick up speed - NOT!

Well, at least the Tea Party must be the real deal - appears to worthy of emulation by the "smart" people.

I don't know, Mark, you seem to be an easy "mark" for this kind of BS.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

"Democratic values" is an interesting term....are you using it in the context the socialist workers party, the communist candidate for president, and the Green Party, use it?

So in your "world view". everyone is beholden to the state to beg for a meager amount of health care, education, food, shelter, and other basic life essentials...????

Achievement, production, and profit, is shunned, denounced, and ridiculed?

Where is the incentive to work?

Mpeterson said...

Alas, Jim Webb is my idea of what a real Republican was like... until the loonies got hold of the party.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, you suddenly make sense now that I realize you've never been an employee -- only an employer.

Oh yeah. If you'd have had to work for you, you'd want a union too. :^)

This also explains your opposition to the idea of one person one vote democratic value -- which is how I meant it. That would unfairly discriminate against people with a lot of money having more power at the ballot box.

And again, the tragedy is that you seem to be under the impression that you and Big Business have exactly the same interests.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


The problem is: whenever government attempts to regulate, tax, or oppress big business it always tends to, needlessly, hit the small business owner.

That's my complaint.

Anonymous said...

Don't get your panties in a twist.

The "coffee" party is a joke. Even if they havent realized it yet.

Kevin Scheunemann said...



So the vicious progressive religious practice of name calling is over and progressives are now mocking the tea party in good humor?

Glad to see the left wing hate speech of tea parties is over.

Group hug?

I'd tell you to "love thy neighbor", even if they are in the tea party...but I know how this group scorns all things religious. I just can't bring my self to insult, even though that seems to be the preferred way for "progressives" to communicate with the world.