Friday, February 19, 2010

Skewering Intellectuals.

A fun review.

Skewering Intellectuals

I always assumed the phrase "intellectual elite" could never imply real power -- certainly not when compared to elites like the "economic elite," "political elite," or "corporate elite" -- but now I find that even a balding professor who works at a small university campus in the rural Midwest wields more power than billionaires on Wall Street.

Hot damn.


DanBack said...

"This is not a book for intellectuals. It is a gift item for conservatives who do not read."

I'd offer to send one to my friend Kevin, but he hasn't taken me up on my offers for a free copy of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' or Food, Inc.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Thomas Sowell is a fine American.

I'm surprised the Motely Cow would link to such a racist review.

Have any of you read "American Education: the decline, the deceptions, the dogmas"?

Sowell makes an eloquent argument how the education establishment is short changing kids--especially African American kids.

This is why even lefties like Polly Williams support and spearhead the Milwaukee school choice program. Sowell, rightly, takes on the public school monopoly and encourages competition to force it to improve.

Republicans, generally, support school choice and many liberal Democrats do as well because they realize the harm MPS is doing to the children. Its Democrats like Jim Doyle that care more about the teachers union than teaching kids...that's where the intellectual dishonesty is.

So if we are skewering so-called intellectuals protecting the broken public school be it. Its the most overdue skewering in political history!

Mpeterson said...

I thought Republicans like you like school choice because they actually believe in creationism and theocracy rather than evolution and democracy.

Huh. Shocking.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I've been zinged again.

You can zing all you want on this issue, but even liberal Democrats realize the harm the public school monopoly does to children.

Thats' why school choice is so popular---parents are desperate to get their kids out of the failing MPS.

Sowell, makes the argument that its racist to support the failing public school monopoly because African American kids are disproportionately hurt.

If Prof. Sowell upsets the intellectuls in this context---I say, good! Keep going!