Friday, February 19, 2010

Puritans thwarted in Fond du Lac: Book to remain in Theisen library

I guess the virus is moving north. Glad to see the folks in Fondy got their shots ahead of time.

Book to remain in Theisen library



Free Lunch said...

If that mother hasn't talked to her children about sexuality before middle school does she really think they won't find out about it in some way?

How sad that those children have a mom who can't talk to her own children.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Parents having a say in how their local public library is run is not a "virus".

When you say things like this... why do you act surprised when the word "elitist" gets thrown around?

The "anything goes" standard in front of children seems alive and well...except creationism of course.

You want questionable children's material funded by library tax dollars, but violently oppose creationism being funded by tax dollars in schools?

So its "anything goes"--except for Christianity--which you seem to reserve the most oppressive treatment for.

You really were a Sunday School teacher? What "church" was that?

DanBack said...

To anyone new to this blog who thinks Kevin knows what he is talking about:

He has never read any of the books in question.

I've offered to send him a copy of one of the books several times, but he refuses.

The books weren't in the children's section, but he likes to pretend they were.

So you decide if he is full of shit or not.

pnennig said...

There's a difference between presented choices and required curriculum.

Free Lunch said...


Children need a chance to learn about reality when they have proudly ignorant, dishonest parents who spout the falsehoods that you spout.

When you tell lies about science and other things the way you tell those lies on this blog, what kind of a role model do you think you are being? Do you really think that kids cannot see that you are being a hypocrite? That you repeat lies? That you refuse to learn? That you act foolishly?

Children need better role models than you. That is why they need a chance to read books that show that there are good people out there, that there are other ways to act that show compassion for the rest of the world, that it is okay to care about the future.

DanBack said...

Free Lunch,

But what about the liberal religion of global warming? That makes everything a "liberal" says Marxist, Socialist, anti-God, anti-children and radical. Now tell me I don't make perfect sense.