Friday, February 19, 2010

Earth is still flat -- and these big winter snows refute global warmning.

Eugene Robinson - Cold truths about the Northeast's harsh winter
We're the nation that put a man on the moon, so we can't be stupid. We're just pretending, right? We're not really taking seriously the "argument" that the big snowstorms that have hit the Northeast in recent weeks constitute evidence -- or even proof -- that climate change is some kind of hoax.

That would be unbelievably dumb. Yet there are elected officials in Washington who apparently believe such nonsense. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) had his family build an igloo near the Capitol and label it "Al Gore's New Home." Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) boasted on Twitter that the snows would continue "until Al Gore cries uncle." Talking heads are seriously debating whether the record snowstorms doom the prospects for comprehensive legislation to deal with energy policy and climate change, which is one of President Obama's top priorities.

Yep, apparently we are that dumb.



PaulyW said...

Don't sell your stock in Bombardier yet. Every climate action is global warming. Get over it. Time to pony up, cause Al needs your cash.

Free Lunch said...

PaulyW -

It appears that science was very hard for you to follow, but this is a very simple collection of facts:

1. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

2. During the industrial era, humans have been burning carbon, hydrocarbons and coal, that had been sequestered by natural processes.

3. Carbon dioxide is byproduct of burning of hydrocarbons and coal.

4. Humans have taken roughly twice as much carbon out of the ground for burning as has been added to the atmosphere in carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide that was not added to the atmosphere has been overwhelmingly taken in by the ocean, which gets more acidic as it takes more carbon dioxide in.

5. Anthropogenic climate change deniers do not reject any of those facts.

Conclusion, people who reject the idea that anthropogenic climate change is happening are either in denial or have a vested interest in lying to you about how much humans are affecting the climate.

Could you explain why you choose to accept the lies of those who deny science? What's in it for you?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Still keeping the religious warming faith?

I'm inpressed by your religious zeal on warming, given the overwhelming scientific evidence proving its a scam.

And you are looking to preacher Eugene Robinson for guidence?

So public square religion is OK when Eugene Robinson preaches it?

John Jost said...

Eugene Robinson isn't that dumb. He accurately states:

"The past decade was the warmest on record. Among the anticipated effects of climate change are increased precipitation -- not just rain, but also snow -- and bigger storms. What we've seen this winter tends to prove, not disprove, the scientific consensus that warming is real."

Why is this impenetrable to some?

Mpeterson said...

This explains why you don't believe in evolution either. Interesting. :^)

Free Lunch said...


I feel sorry for you. No one as credulous as you should ever be allowed out on his own. Clearly you have a target painted on your forehead for every scammer and con man in the world.

You have demonstrated in other comments about other disciplines that you have no understanding of science or interest in learning. Your erroneous refusal to accept the science is not only your problem but, if folks like you get your way, the problem of everyone on earth 50-100 years from now. Apparently you would rather deny the facts than care about what happens to your descendants (I had no illusion that you care at all about any other humans).

Are you paid to spread disinformation or are you just a sucker?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch---

When it comes to the religion of global warming, which facts am I denying, exactly?

The U.N. climatology fraud?

The British Science fraud?

Or the U.S. Science fraud?

....and when, exactly, did the "scientific" ice age scare in the 1970s stop getting funding?

Pick up the latest issue of "Reason" and judge for yourself.

I don't care to practice the warming religion and oppose any efforts to force me to practice your warming religion.

I thought it was settled that we shouldn't force religion on anyone...or does that only apply to "disfavored" religions?

If this is the case, again, I ask for a "favored" vs. "disfavored" list of religious practices in the public square....

I appreciate your help with this list in advance. I'm very weak on the leftist political correctness religion in practice.

Having a list of religions we are supposed to love and those religions we are supposed to hate, from a liberal point of view, would greatly help me out.

Many, many, thanks for providing the list.

Free Lunch said...


You didn't answer what I had written. All you did was make more unfounded accusations.

As long as you remain proud of your ignorance, all you can do is remind everyone how much of a fool you are. It is not my fault that you know nothing about anthropogenic climate change, even after you have had the opportunity to read about it. You have chosen to remain ignorant. You have chosen to believe the lies of those who have a vested interest in falsely alleging that this was fraud.

There was no fraud among the scientists. The fraud is all coming from the right, from the folks who don't give a damn what happens to their grandchildren.

DanBack said...

Free Lunch said to Kevin:

"You didn't answer what I had written."

Unless you have stocked up for the next ice age, I wouldn't wait around for Kevin to answer any direct questions. He is not unlike a child's talking pull toy. Ask a question, pull the string and get:

"Obama is a Socialist"

"Global Warming is Religion"

"Porn was in the children's section of the library"

"Math is hard"

Kevin Scheunemann said...

"There was no fraud among scientists."

That says it all right there.

I should be the one feeling sorry for you.

I'm glad you hold to your global warming religious convictions, it shows your religious zeal, but don't force the rest of us to parrticipate in your warming religion.

That's all I ask.

Mpeterson said...

lol. I promise that no one will ask you to participate in the whole "gravity" theory either.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Now that's where your problem is: Gravity is a proven fact.

Global warming religion is a scam for funding.

No "scientist" has to commit fraud on the data with respect to gravity.

Free Lunch said...


Too bad you went to a high school that let you graduate without knowing how to think and a total ignorance of how science works.

Unlike you, I actually went to the Guardian series that the Fox excerpt was from to see what they had to say. Thank you for pointing it out to me. The final article in the series is How the 'climategate' scandal is bogus and based on climate sceptics' lies.

Once again, I thank you for showing us that the 'climate skeptics' are no such thing. They are paid liars. Are you getting paid by ExxonMobil, too?

John Jost said...

Right there on FOXNews:

"Revelations on the inadequacies of this global warming data do not undermine the case that humans are causing climate change, and other studies have produced similar findings."

John Jost said...

Ginny Maziarka pointed to a YouTube video with Steven Crowder arguing against climate change in his high-IQ way: "Go green? Go screw yourself!"

One of the comments by a Bible thumper was: "Worrying about the environment is like straightening chairs on the Titanic. Unless you have faith in Christ, none of this is going to matter."

Now that's a worldview.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Tough luck on the scare mongering "rising sea level" global warming report being retracted by the Journal of Nature.

This has got to shake even the most fervent global warming zealots.

Free Lunch said...


The retraction doesn't bother me at all. Scientists do their best to be honest. When they make mistakes they acknowledge them. You should try it some time.

No scientists think that this retraction is a blow to the discovery that humans are changing the climate of the earth. The deniers are just professional liars hired to shill for the coal, gas and oil industry. Only a fool would believe what they tell you.

Did you also believe Philip Morris when they said that cigarettes were safe?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Free Lunch...

No scientist has to retract gravity.

But scientists retract their flawed (an inane) global warming reports and methodology all the time.

Belief in the latter is a religion.

I have to admit the evangelical warming priests and disciples are more fervent and more rabid than even I anticipated.

So is it OK if I chose not to participate in the warming religion or do I need to adhere to every last commandment of the global warming faith?

Or is it one of these liberal deals where I have no choice but to worship the liberal warming gods and I need to sing the hymns about Al Gore's wasteful and inefficient mansion in TN that consumes 5 times more electricity than the average U.S. household, but its OK because he "cares"?