Sunday, February 14, 2010

Darwin Day: Dawkins interviewing creationist Wendy Wright

She claims that evidence on creationism has been withheld. This is a brilliant new strategy since it's impossible to establish whether something is or isn't "missing".

How long until our school board candidates start to use the "bad people have kept the truth about evolution being a lie away from people for their own secularist purposes" strategy?

I love her argument, in particular, that "scientists think that they're the only ones who know enough about evolution to teach about it."


Kevin Scheunemann said...


I'm very impressed you posted this.

Are you becoming a "softie" by giving other religions besides evolution as chance in the public square?

This is excellent.

I also like the argument that the trained and schooled priests of evolution are the only ones divine enough to teach the religion of evolution.

Another excellent argument for teaching of origin diversity in the schools.

DanBack said...

This is 2:40 well spent.

Free Lunch said...

Creationists apparently do not understand that "ignorance is bliss" is usually said about a total fool.

Mpeterson said...

You disagree with both liberal and conservative federal judges on teaching intelligent design?


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I've been known to disagree with a judicial decision from time to time.

I take it you've adopted a "federal judge" always makes the right decison philosophy?

I tend to take a critical approach of judicial decisions, not a lockstep "its always the correct decision" approach.

Mpeterson said...

Then I'd say you should also adopt a more critical approach to science than letting your Sunday school teacher make the call.

Peter Nennig said...

Besides her weak attempts to deny Dawkins' claims the only evidence she presents for her side is that "we can see God created us."

As Dawkins points out there is a mountain of evidence for evolution. I would like to see genuine evidence for creationist claims, especially if potential school board members are pushing to put it into the curriculum. This might be hard because I haven't heard of any nor have I heard of a valid argument that supports its consideration to be introduced into the classroom.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I've been zinged again.

I actually do analyze so-called science in a critical fashion, that's why I don't believe in the economic funding scam of global warming.

Also, didn't your previous comment unfairly disparage Sunday school teachers?

Mpeterson said...

Having been a Sunday school teacher I'd say no... and it isn't disparaging to point out to anyone that sometimes scientific findings conflict with religious beliefs.

Kevin! You're a closet geocentrist! I knew it!

Grant said...

I like to test "scientific" "theories" out for myself.

After using my backyard thermometer to disprove "global warming," I used a bubble level on my kitchen table to disprove "global."

Free Lunch said...

YouTube has removed the video as a terms of use violation. I don't find it on Richard Dawkins's site either.

I'm sure that Wendy Wright doesn't care if she looks like a lying fool or not. Kevin appears to be an acolyte of Wendy's, willing to say anything rather than learn to think critically.

Anonymous said...

Funny she would want the video removed since she totally kicked his ass and made Dawkins look like an idiot. ;)