Monday, February 01, 2010

Creationists running for school board, now on the national blogs.

First, a big shout out to illusory tenant.

Now, according to Owen -- who actually and surprisingly turns out to know even less about science than he does about American political theory, nobody except crazy lefties cares whether school board candidates announce their commitment to creationism as a scientific doctrine.



West Bend is about to become (in)famous on the national stage -- again.

Here's what they're saying about us on the national blogs.

Here's how it starts: West Bend, Wisconsin: aspiring to be the next Texas?

Nice going Mr. Weigand. Nice going Owen. You've sown the wind boys.

May I suggest you return your tray tables to their locked and upright positions?



Anonymous said...

I do read B & S from time to time, but was still really shocked at Owen's response to your column. To call you a left wing bigot (or somesuch) was really out of line.

I've always considered myself somewhat of a conservative but I refuse to let Ginny, Owen, the Weigand's and the rest lead us down this path. Do they not realize how much this creationism nonsense will cost the taxpayers? I thought they were all about
not wasting money?

John Foust said...

I wonder why Owen didn't come right out and state his opinion about whether creationism should be taught in the schools.

His Eagle Forum survey answer says "I would be FOR teaching the TRUTH about evolution". Based on the statement in the sidebar of his web site, it seems rather clear to me that Weigand doesn't believe in evolution and wants the school to teach that it is discredited.

I thought it was a bit rude of Owen to not link to your blog.

Noncensor99 said...

This is more serious than I realized. I just read Weigand's "nutshell" remarks on his webpage (more "nut" than "shell," I'd say).

So a man who publicly states that he understands neither what science is nor what science education is hopes to get elected to the school board!

I can't wait.

MS said...

Anonymous.. Their 'mission' is not about saving money. Just take a look at their history over the past 10 years or so. It's about religion. They do not care how much it costs the taxpayers, or how divisive it is.. or what a circus it makes of our community, school, etc.. Their actions speak louder than their words, which are pretty loud...and clear.

Anonymous said...

DanBack said...

Snip: "Richard Katskee, assistant legal director for Americans United, said of the trial's cost, "Any board thinking of trying to do what the Dover board did is going to have to look for a bill in excess of $2 million," and "I think $2 million is a lot to explain to taxpayers for a lawsuit that should never be fought."[40]"


Mpeterson said...

Thanks Anonymous for the update on abstinence based programs.... if it works, great! But remember, the one they studied differed from the typical abstinence based programs by avoiding the high moral tone and by actually giving good information.

The same results happen in European programs when the kids get solid info -- not only do pregnancy rates drop, rates of sexual contact drop as well.

Hey, why didn't you post this under the abstinence thread?


DanBack said...

Holy Crap - I can't be at this... can someone go and report back?

Creation Worldview Weekend
February 19th, 20th & 21st 2010

Anonymous said...

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