Sunday, February 07, 2010

Common Sense Citizens Correcting me on?

It's nice to be mentioned in dispatches:

1) Announcements:
a) Ed D announced that there are 4 members from our group that is running for a political
seat. Members should be sending their editorial views to help the members that are
running to the Daily News.
b) Mark Peterson editorial placed some wrong information on his last editorial. All
members should read this last editorial. Then all members should place an editorial for
a response to Mark Peterson on what CSC is exactly.
c) Two members from the Ozaukee Patriots joined are meeting tonight.

Correcting wrong information?

Maybe that was all those letters to the editor were about... the ones complaining that I'd misunderstood the Eagle Forum question in which the candidates endorsed the idea of teaching "alternatives" to evolution the schools -- and that this didn't necessarily mean creationism or that it didn't matter anyway and besides I'm against Christianity.

I hope Ed D included himself in that 4.... but I don't see anything in the minutes explaining how their members are supposed to explain that Ed's house was just marked down to the bargain price of $449,000 last week -- although I see he took down the FOR SALE sign. I wonder what he paid George for it? I imagine that'll be in the tax records...

If any of you know Ed, I know that the Daily News wants him to return their calls about this. I'd like to know why he'd want to move out of the district he wants to represent.


Kevin Scheunemann said...


I often have to correct you on all the religion you get away with practicing in public by putting an incorrect "science" label on it. Isn't philosophy itself the study of "correction"? (or do you now have all the answers? In that case, when does the book come out? "Reflections of the fertile cow pie" sounds like a great title!)

I'm sure I could look up your house value and find a way to call it a "McMansion" if it has more than 1 bedroom and bathroom. That (political) point would be just as irrelevant.

Free Lunch said...

You said something wrong, but they can't publicly say what it was. Huh?

Free Lunch said...


You really need to learn that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to evolution. You are ignorant, proudly so. Could you tell me why you are proud to know so little about science?

DanBack said...

Kevin - I still haven't gotten an email with your address for the DVD I wanted to mail you. Should I be holding my breath?

Is the practice of cooking your burgers for the proper time/temp combination to kill off any bacteria and make them safe to eat science or is that just a religious belief too? Does God enter my burger at 155 degrees and stay there for 23 seconds?


Anonymous said...

You seem pretty focused on your conclusion that selling his home automatically means that he will be moving out of the 3rd district. I would think that is not the only house in the 3rd district. I'm sure a competent realtor would find another home to buy in the 3rd district, no?

I'm waiting for the News to sniff out the situation with the alderman who works for the State of WI (in Madison?) & lives in a home in West Bend owned by his parents. But I'm sure he "lives" in West Bend, "wink-wink".

By the way, the house you are referring to had a tax market value of $435,600 & the 2009 tax payment was $8073 - that's good news for the school district & the University of Wisconsin (city/county pays for facility). Much better for them fiscally than the types like you who paid $2030.

Anonymous said...

By the way, on 7/7/2006 George sold it to Edward for $424,000. Seems like a modest gain for almost 4 years(or perhaps a loss - if my memory serves from driving past, a substantial amount of work was done after that - I don't know if building permits are on-line to confirm).

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know WHY Ed Duquaine took his for sale sign down, when his house is still on the market?

Rich Kasten said...

Mark, for a guy who wants the school board candidates to know math, perhaps you should bone up on yours! Extrapolating from one point? His house is/was for sale and you immediately think he is moving out of that district?

This is beginning to look like you are willing to throw all sorts of labels and accusations at candidates and hoping (perhaps desperately) something sticks.

Anonymous said...

Before I mentioned that maybe there are places for sale in District #3. Went to Shorewest site, and the first 2 pages of listings showed 10 single family homes for sale (one is right down the street) and a lot of condos - all those new condos behind HOME DEPOT are 3rd district. Six of them right there.

Just trying to help out - I looked at UWWC course offerings - they don't seem to have a course in "Logic" and obviously you are too well educated for "common sense", so this is the best I can do to show you that just because someone has their home for sale does not mean they are moving out of the district.

John Jost said...

I think I can help you there, Free Lunch, and Kevin will like me for saying this: Kevin is a true Christian.

A true Christian believes the Genesis account, believes that it is about an original sin, believes that Jesus died to redeem that sin. A true Christian is therefore obliged to deny any science that contradicts his beliefs, period.

Remember Galileo's "interview" with the Church of his time? He was given a simple choice: take it back or die. That is true Christianity.

The last time I was in a church, the service started with everyone turning around and saying: "Good morning, good morning".

While smiling and returning the wish, I thought: "A true Christian would say: kneel or I'll take the skin off your back."

Mpeterson said...

Oh no, I just think it's interesting that it's been for sale for a long time before he announced. I know the paper is trying to find out about this too, and I know he took down the for sale sign even though it's still for sale. That's a great precedent for transparency in government.

It was my mistake not to realize someone might sell their house to buy one just down the block. Must be a nice luxury. In my income bracket, people generally move to take new jobs and that almost always means somewhere farther away and a pretty big dislocation.

But a mere $25k profit over the last few years seems quite reasonable for a house in that part of the market, plus, it's one of the most beautiful houses in West Bend -- indoor pool, nice back yard, great views.

Anonymous said...

The cow wrote:

"In my income bracket,"

Professors are now about $90,000 to $120,000 per year?

You poor soul.

Mpeterson said...

Wow! I make $90k a year??!

Alas Anonymous, you might have taken the trouble to actually check university salaries in Wisconsin, and mine,since my salary is a matter of public record. But I'm happy to do the work for you: I made a bit less than $55,000 last year.

At Madison the average Full professor is making in the $80's now, I think.

But for a really interesting contrast, consider that the AVERAGE salary among my colleagues in the tech schools is about $69,000 a year -- and at the MATC's it's $89,000 a year.

The tech schools are fueled by property taxes. My salary goes through the state legislature first. You do the math.

Anonymous said...

"you might have taken the trouble to actually check university salaries in Wisconsin"

I had years ago to see what a PHD made and I'm not aware of any reductions, although I have not followed it.

The Tech school contract last year I thought reported an hefty increase to over $90K a year.

Finally, your total compensation package is worth far more then the average in West Bend.

Enough tears and envy.

DanBack said...

Why can't all these CSC just use their names?

Anonymous said...

I would say that there is little other way to "focus" on this than to be suspicious...primarily, why would he take the sign DOWN? Don't most people selling a house put one UP so people know the property is available? Some don't, I realize...but it's very odd to have one up and then take it down.

Sure, I'm sure Duquaine is planning a move from a 400K+ house to a condo. That's clearly the most "logical" assumption.

If it was as innocuous as you suggest, why is he not responding to the newspaper's requests for an explanation? Again, the "logical" response to something that would (rightly) cause people to question your committment to the district you're attempting to earn votes in would be to provide the answer promptly. Unless you're working on how to spin it--that could take a while, I suppose.

On that note, is this the kind of response he'll provide residents of the 3rd district if elected to represent them?

Rich Kasten said...

So let me get this straight:

a) Worried about transparency in government for a non-elected citizen to have their house up for sale at one point - but not a single post or complaint about Open Meeting violations or real transparency issues.

b) You are reporting to be oblivious to the fact that people (in all tax brackets) move for the sake of downsizing, upsizing or other reasons, especially in West Bend where the lifers tend not to move out of the city.

c) Because the Daily News wants to find out about something, it must be big news.

I am still sticking to my idea that it looks like you are trying to throw all sorts of labels and accusations at candidates desperately hoping something sticks. And before anyone asks - I am not affiliated or connected to the Common Sense Citizens. Just myself wondering aloud.

Mpeterson said...

Rich, I didn't make any accusations. I wondered why Ed was hiding the fact that he was moving, and why he was selling his house when he's running for office in a particular district.

I suspect it only sounds like accusations to those who are afraid it looks bad... which, it does rather.

Mpeterson said...

My total compensation package, including insurance and pension plans still comes in under the Washington County median household income level.

Which you would have known had you bothered to check. You can go to the AAUP website where they do state by state comparisons. Maybe I should go back to Alabama where they actually pay faculty more -- and they do it without any property taxes to speak of too. Hmmm. I do miss Mobile some days.

Anonymous said...

"My total compensation package, including insurance and pension plans still comes in under the Washington County median household income level."

Nice try but comparing one income to two is cheating.

Alabama is nice but you are welcome here. It's some of those New Orlean folks that should go back. :)

John Jost said...

Mark, they should have paid you more in Alabama. It's a matter of IQ disparity. :)

Rich Kasten said...

I have yet to see how it looks bad since you have not established any wrongdoing - other than you don't agree with his positions. I would think you would be more concerned with Open Meetings than one's home address.

Mpeterson said...

I guess that's proof that I'm more cynical than you are.

And we haven't gotten to questions about whether his company will be eligible for city contracts if he's on the council.

Anonymous said...

The questions about whether his company is eligible for city contracts is:

INTEREST PROHIBITED. No City official or employee, whether paid or unpaid, shall engage in any business or transaction or shall act in regard to financial or other personal interest, direct or indirect, which is incompatible with the proper discharge of his official duties in the public interest contrary to the provisions of this subchapter or would tend to impair his independence of judgment or action in the performance of his official duties."

The only scenario where there might be eligibility for a contract:

"(4) CONTRACTS WITH THE CITY. No City official or employee who, in his capacity as such official or employee, participates in the making of a contract in which he has a private pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, or performs in regard to that contract some function requiring the exercise of discretion on his part, shall enter into any contract with the City unless, within the confines of §946.13, Wis. Stats., the contract is awarded through a process of public notice and competitive bidding."

You need to learn to get around the internet more, like the young folks do - you could find the answers to such questions yourself.

Mpeterson said...

It's gratifying to see such skill using the internets.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


You asked me to stop abusing the word religion.


Is it because much of the liberal cosmology depends on a lot of faith...


Is it because the liberal cosmology has spent so much time demonizing its opponents, by labeling them "religious", that you find it "unfair" to be equally demonized...

This is what I mean by the danger of censoring religious speech from the public square. All one has to do is slap your point of view with the word "religion" and censorship will abound.