Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tea Party popularity outpacing Dems and Republicans

Ah well, if David Brooks is right, and the polls are suggesting he might be, America was a great idea while it lasted:

The Tea Party Teens - NYTimes.com

What happened to all of those supposed progressives and liberals who actually read Lakoff's analysis of why the conservative movement had been so popular? Maybe they preferred the Disciplinarian Father model of social reality as well....

Tiddly pom.



Grant said...

Not helpful, but oh so delicious.

Mpeterson said...


Conservatism is a political philosophy; the farce currently performing under that marquee is an inferiority complex in political philosophy drag. Sure, there’s an element of “schadenfreude” in the sense of “we like what annoys our enemies.” But the pathology of the current conservative movement is more specific and convoluted. Palin irritates the left, but so would lots of vocal conservatives if they were equally prominent—and some of them are probably even competent to hold office. Palin gets to play sand in the clam precisely because she so obviously isn’t. She doesn’t just irritate liberals in some generic way: she evokes their contempt. Forget “Christian conservative”; she’s a Christ conservative, strung up on the media cross on behalf of all God’s right-wing children.

Yep, delicious.

Grant said...

And along those lines David Brooks, as usual, is about 10% insightful and 90% nard.

I think he's right about the 'baggers being the hippies of the aughts/early teens. It's really more about identity than ideology. But what cultural artifacts will survive the Piss on Guv Generation? Kitchy American flag couture? Really esoteric dogwhistle racism? Exotic spelling?

John Jost said...

David Brooks - The educated class believes in global warming, supports abortion rights, supports gun control, is internationalist, and believes in multilateral action.

Pastor Ray Mummert on the eve of the Dover trial - We have been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of our culture.

Ben Stein - Science leads you to killing people.

The assault on reason continues.