Sunday, January 17, 2010

'The Tea Party Movement Is About To Be Hijacked':

About to be?

What are the odds the Republican Party really wants any of these people? Except as braceros, of course:

'The Tea Party Movement Is About To Be Hijacked': Activists Slam Plan For Convention

Even thinks it "smells scammy":The National Tea Party Convention.


What amazes me most of all is the degree to which these Tea Drinkers believe the Republicans represent their true interests.


John Jost said...

"The tea party movement is a grass-roots movement; it's not a business," one Tea Partier declared.

Long ago, I bought my first car, a tan Pacer, and the salesman declared: "And such a great color!"

To hide the truth, lie, loud and quick.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


You can complain all you want about tea parties, but if Brown wins in Mass. against Coakley, liberals have lost the biggest slam dunk of liberal slam dunk Senate seats.

You can't, with any monchrome of credibility discount, make fun of the tea party movement. Or in my favorite venacular, "practice your anti-tea party religion" without generating tremendous laughter!

Liberalism, especially on the health care bill, is ugly in practice. The tea party movement is a repudiation of the liberal ugliness on economics.

Mpeterson said...

Grin, well, I'm not a liberal Kevin and it isn't a terrific disappointment to see the Democrats take this hit -- as a party they've become functionally indistinguishable to me from the Republicans... although superficially they still act in the interests of actual working people and not merely on behalf of their corporate masters. :^)

On the other hand, the astroturf Tea Party, bought and paid for by people like the Koch Foundation, simply reminds me of the mob on the St. Peterburg steps, hopeful that their shouting will bring more freedom.

I'm reminded also that the original Tea Party members disguised themselves as Native Americans so they wouldn't get caught.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So what are we saying here?

Republicans and Demoncrats are the same (which gets no argument from me), which means they are "moderates".

Didn't you just lament the negativity associated with being labeled a moderate?

So which is better? Principled ideological warriors or spineless, twitchy, wind blowers?

I look to the UWWC philosophy department to solve the paradox.

If its the former, Glen Grothman should be at the top of your "fav" list!

Mpeterson said...

Resolving paradoxes, alas, is impossible. Contradictions yes, paradoxes can only be sublated. Grin.

Nope, saying they are functionally indistinguishable doesn't mean they're the same or that they're moderate.

Which party is the "spineless, twitchy windblowers" again? The one that caved in to Big Business at the expense of small business and most Americans? Which one was that?

Grant said...

Principled ideological warriors...Glen Grothman

Heh. "Here is a man who would not take it anymore! Here is a man who stood up!"

Kevin Scheunemann said...

The answer would be both of course.

There is no question Joe Lieberman tends to make both sides ill.

If the tea party movement personifies the "right to be left alone" movement, it could not possibly be "hijacked" if we define establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans as the same thing.

The tea party movement personifies a repudiation of the establishment. So I'm having trouble on how it can be hijacked????

Maybe one or 2 Democrats, and very few Republicans articulate a "right to be let alone" tea party movement type philosophy.

What is really digging at you is the lack of a collectivist mentality in the tea party movement...its OK to admit that. You have an urge to run everyone's economic life. Tea party advocates want the right to run their own economic life...that's what gets you "stoked" to criticize the tea party movement. (repudiation of collectivism)

Senator rolls off the tongue, like butter. I just enjoy thee most established Democratic Senator seat of all time being tossed asunder. It brings a warm feeling to my heart.

Grant said...

personifies the "right to be left alone" movement

And yet it performs the role of the obnoxious nudnik, the Cliff Clavin to the American Norm. Go figure.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I do believe that's the nicest thing any liberal has said about me.


Anonymous said...


Do the indecent, immoral, and voluntary nude photos of Senator Brown that he submitted to a national magazine roll off your tongue like butter, as well?

I just wonder if your hypocrisy will be as transparent as I believe it will.