Friday, January 08, 2010

A reader disagrees about Krampus.

It's always interesting how people see things...

Columnist is the one who supports censorship

Mark Peterson, in his column of Dec. 26, has the highest praise for the West Bend Community Memorial Library receiving accolades and ACLU awards for not moving sexually explicit books from the children’s section of the library to the adult section. Hardly censorship.

Mark calls this a present from St. Nick. St. Nick is a part of the Christmas season which cele
brates the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Saviour was born for the sole purpose of paying the sin debt, by His death on the cross - the sin death of the whole world - sin, like that expressed in these books.

We are all born in sin, so we all owe this debt. That is why we are so thankful to Him and celebrate His birth. By His death we have been made clean, if we believe in Him and repent of our sins. You might say, he is very narrow minded.

The books referred to are very offensive, and I have a hard time understanding why any adult would want a child to have the right to read them. I think I’m right in saying that even the Daily News could not print such material.

The ACLU has been very active in removing nativity scenes, Christmas trees in public places, monuments of the Ten Commandments and anything that acknowledges God. That, Mark, is what I call censorship. Where is our freedom?

Mark talks of the wisdom of the past. God says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 111:10

Rather than earthly rewards, there are heavenly awards. To the library, you may gloat over your victory, but I feel sorry for the children being violated by such trash.

Tryon Edwards once said, “Hell is truth seen too late.”

Evalyn Kurer
West Bend

This reader believes that keeping religious demonstrations out of public spaces constitutes censorship, but I think they're really just mussed over having their own religion kept out of publicly funded areas.

Would they be inclined to let their tax dollars support Islamic based schools?

I'm thinking, not.

I keep coming back to the idea that maybe people like Ms. Kurer here believe that everyone else in America has the same religious beliefs she does and that, if they don't, we should simply have them all killed (on behalf of God, of course). I used to think this sort of observation was hyperbole, but I'm just not sure anymore.

Oh, and because the meme has been so often repeated, for the record, there never were any sexually explicit materials in the children's section of the library. That notion was simply part of their marketing campaign.

And so it goes.



Grant said...

the sin death of the whole world

An interesting turn of phrase. Like "heat death of the universe."

Also, I was completely unaware of the securitized sin debt market. I wonder if our Lord and Savior offers structured CSOs, with murder in the senior tranche and Class C masturbation notes. That would be awesome.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


The letter writer has a point.


You cannot stomp out religious speech in the public square without reviewing and censoring speech.

"Speech review", by any authority, is a violation of political speech.

If we are going to stomp out religious speech in the public square, let's make sure the global warming religion is oppressed as much as Christianity.

This is the issue liberals cannot reconcile: those radicals dedicated to stomping out religion in public square are a threat to free speech rights.

P.S. I am tolerant about listening to the false global warming dogma in the publice square. I enjoy telling global warming cultists they are worshipping a false god.

(Unless, of course, my unapologetic worship of the "pro-carbon god" is censored as unacceptable public square speech.)

Non-Censor said...

What a magnificent muddle! This letter is a perfect example of the inability to separate private belief from public policy, of the inability to live in a pluralistic society, of the struggle of the pre-modern to live in a post-modern world.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin, do you honestly believe that the tax payer should sponsor religious displays on public property? And that, in a democratic state, the state can prefer one religion over another?

That would mean your tax dollars would have to go to support Islamic, Hindu, and Druidic (oh, and Satanic) religious displays on all of their holidays.

You might think this is okay, but I don't think the government should establish one religion (even if it's mine) ahead of any other ones. That's what they do in Iran -- and see how well that's working out?

Anonymous said...

If I win the lottery, I'm thinking of building a mosque in West Bend with a minaret taller than any church steeple in West Bend.

Kevin, there is a defined difference between religious speech and political speech. Do you accept dictionary definitions of words' meaning as the limitations to the parameters of a words' meanings? DO you actually accept the U.S. constitution and bill of rights as the founding laws of the land or do you just pull that rabbit out when it suits your needs?

By the way Kevin, what's the fastest growing religion in the world today? What religion has the most adherents?

Meantime, Mark, I am surprised she did not throw the founding fathers were all Bible thumpers fallacy at you.

Where do people get off thinking there's a better world outside of this one? Such imagination: The state should support Bible propaganda (or any religious post-life environment, for that matter)? Rather impractical. Rather liberal!

Oh, Mark, thanks to Bush II, CLinton and Obama, out tax dollars are already going to religious based assistance programs.

Grant said...

let's make sure the global warming religion is oppressed as much as Christianity

Merde! Just as I was planning my Al Gore crèche!

Mpeterson said...

Oh, Anonymous, I know... and I'm still in denial about just how un-Constitutional it is... apparently so too the last few Presidents.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things
A mosque in West Bend ? good luck on getting the roof color approved, a church no problem.
What if tax payers did support religious displays and only christian ones at that.
How many christian religions are out there? The catholic church takes offense of the baptist display, etc, etc.How many churches have separated and went another direction, point is nobody would ever be content or satisfied just using christian examples, and we still need to factor in all other faiths.
There needs to be a clear line drawn between the state and all religions no exceptions.
I am christian I see no offense in a nativity scene,but I would be narrow minded to think the only faith that matters is my own.The founding fathers went to great lengths establishing the right to worship as we choose, to be a great American you need to embrace and uphold all the liberties granted, not just the ones you approve of.