Friday, January 22, 2010

PSA for Creationists runniling for West Bend School Board

Hi everyone,

A number of those running for the school board in West Bend believe creationism should be taught alongside science.

Here's some commentary on this issue: Moral Orel : Geniusis



illusory tenant said...

WEIGAND: ABSTAIN (I would be FOR teaching the TRUTH about evolution.)

Sounds ominous.

I would like to hear those candidates favoring "alternate theories of origins" explain what exactly those theories are.

Better yet, explain what evolution is.

Mpeterson said...

Hello IT,

You're not the only one. :^)

But, creationists explaining what evolution is?

It's as much fun a going to the circus... or as as watching this.

DanBack said...

The real question is: Why isn't Ginny running?

Back when she accepted comments to her blog I offered an all expenses paid vacation for her and her family if she would debate me on the library/porn issue in Old Settlers Triangle. I said I'd invite the news cameras and all she would have to do is show up and give her side.

She responded by banning me from commenting on her site in the future.

Anonymous said...

alternate theories of origins

Which one? I think there are 200 in the myths, at least recorded ideas, and then their pseudoscience.

Hey, anyone ever see the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode where these aliens come back to earth claiming they planted humans there a hundred thousand years ago? It's awesome. The aliens claims that the humans are a huge disappointment with their many petty wars, their childish weapons, and their constant bickering.

The aliens then state they have to thus destroy all humans - clean up their mess. The humans, from the UN building, argue that they need 24 hours to make everything right, to prove that they are not a major disappointment. The aliens agree, and 24 hours later the humans state that they have reached world peace. The aliens start laughing and state that the humans were designed to be a warrior race.

John Jost said...

Have you read Tony Palma's letter to the editor today? He states in part:

"One of the questions asked of the candidates was whether they would support the teaching of alternative theories such as Intelligent Design or Creationism in the science curriculum of the West Bend school system. By pointing out that Randy Marquardt, Bart Williams and Dave Weigand would support this philosophy we can plainly see that they would lead our School District into a prolonged, expensive and ultimately futile legal battle."

That was my thought exactly. We have had the book mess last year, thanks to the same bunch. Elect these people and West Bend will be the new Dover, cost included.

Mpeterson said...


This needs it's own thread.