Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does requiring a supermajority violate the constitution?

Hmm. Maybe.

Mr. Smith Rewrites the Constitution
“All provisions which require more than a majority of any body to its resolutions have a direct tendency to embarrass the operations of the government and an indirect one to subject the sense of the majority to that of the minority.”

Alexander Hamilton in Federalist #75

I'd like to see the old Mr. Smith goes to Washington filibuster returned... I want to see Senators bring sleeping bags and thermoses of coffee and orate for 12 hours -- now that would be full-contact democracy.


John Jost said...

Non sequitur:

The movie "Creation" (the dreaded evolution thing) opens tomorrow. There is not a theater showing it in a 30-mile radius from Milwaukee.

If evolution is such a fable, why the censorship?

Land of the free, my @$$.

apc said...

There's no censorship here. The free market has spoken. It said, "We're pretty sure nobody wants to see this claptrap."

Anonymous said...

Your in North Jesusland, a product of low education; salary, health bills and employment angst; bad governing by two ruling parties; Walmart and other corporate box stores sending money to low tax states/islands and destroying small business's here; snideness preferred over intelligence, meaningful dialog/debate and book-learning (people don't read here: got Fox, sports, church, bowling, etc).

But hey, avoiding complex thought is rewarding - One then dies of Alzheimer's at age 60 (due to lack of brain neuron use and poor diet/exercise) - it's like neuron deforestation. With Alzheimers, just about the time one retires (or gets laid off at 50) and has to start something new, it's great: When the state and siblings get a bargain deal on your remaining belongings, you're soundly apathetic. Thank god for Medicare - a government run health plan.

By the way, it's not censorship as a government is not involved in the action of not showing the movie. It's more likely fear that the constitutionally conservative thugs will write a nasty letter about the theater owner's atheism and immorality as well as stage a protest in front of the theater property in the name of free speech and keeping the people from being led astray. There's all a lot of doubt in their concept of intelligent design and the earth being a few 1,000 years old, but I won't go there. See, when you tell people their fallacious beliefs are on shaky ground, they get really scary trying to prove you wrong, like overtly reminding everyone how gun rights are so important, especially the right to conceal and carry in a school zone. It's an implied threat that if you get in their way - POW!

Unfortunately this thinking is one damn good reason West Bend is not growing or attracting business or lots of people to live here (as opposed to Jackson). It ain't the taxes: Look at Minnesota and how well they are doing: Their taxes are higher in many respects. No, Jesusland environments are simply uninviting and inhospitable unless one is willing to become one of them because their path is the ONLY path. Their core values: Life, Liberty and the(ir) Pursuit of Happiness (without us other Regular Joe's in it).

Yep, it's been a taxing day on my optimism.

John Jost said...


The Holy Free Market has spoken before anybody saw anything?

Free market, my hmm too.

Mpeterson said...

lol. The Holy Free Market. Nice.

Yeah, the Free Market is really the Santa Claus of the Right.. an imaginary figure who brings you lots of goodies who turns out to be Daddy -- and, accordingly, the number of presents Santa brings you, the benefits you get from the Free Market, depends on who your Daddy is.

Plus, you get the benefit of being able to say that kids who didn't get presents as nice as yours must've been bad all year.

Yeah, it works. :^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

And the holy cause of big government, controlling every aspect of our economic lives, is not the religious savior of the left?

Religion is not an exclusive right wing province.

At least the right admits to religion. The left denies their religion, while practicing it in plain view.

This makes the left wing look foolish...criticizing religion while practicing it openly.

tough luck on Air America going Chapter 7. I guess no one wants to hear the constant liberal drumbeat of everything that is wrong with America.

DanBack said...

It IS possible that it's a bad film you know.

DanBack said...

That said - It is playing here in Manhattan so I'll check it out and report back.

Mpeterson said...

Silly Kevin... not true at all.

The Right wing simply doesn't recognize most practicing Christians as being Christians at all: UCC, Presbyterians, Methodists, and my own oppressed ELCAs who, if Mary Weigand is any judge, are both amoral and anti-god.

The problem with the Right wing is not with its piety -- of which it has a super abundance -- but with its theology, which ignores to quintessentially Christian message of compassion for our fellow creatures.

Social Darwinism doesn't admit of compassion...

Why is it fundamental Christians and other right wingers believe in Social Darwinism, but not biological Darwinism?

DanBack said...

Kevin kevin kevin - too much of a wimp to reply to my last post? Or any of my posts?

You are making me consider moving to Kewaskum just to run for office. What are the perks? Free Dilly Bars to shove into my ears for life? It would be a cakewalk. If only there was good sushi within 50 miles.

Group Hug.

Distance Relative said...

"By the way, it's not censorship as a government is not involved in the action of not showing the movie."

That is a quote from Anonymous.

the "government" does not have to be involved in censorship, though, for censorship to occur.

Where did you ever get that idea?

Please tell me I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

I, a moderate, gave up religion because of Ayn Rand's arguments as well as Philosophy 101. The argument for a supernatural entity creator comes down to faith - Thank, Ayn. ...besides the louder "religious" people "speak", the more likely they are being troublemakers - Mother Teresa being one of the many exceptions I applaud.

Besides, it's we who have to save ourselves - responsibility/ integrity. gods or god ain't gonna stop the Asian carp from heading north, he ain't gonna stop air pollution from tilting the balance of the atmosphere, and he ain't gonna turn off nuclear physics when/if the ICBMs launch.

Kevin, did you run the car in the garage to prove the exhaust fumes are harmless? ...Oh, yes, I see you have.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Giving up religion?

I wouldn't give up liberalism and the belief in global warming in such a public manner on this blog.

The disciples of liberalism and global warming don't like such a public repudiation of their faith.

I give you kudos for public courage.