Friday, December 18, 2009

West Bend Community Memorial Library racks up more awards.

Fighting for the freedoms of West Bend citizens has generated yet another award for the West Bend Library.

Thanks to Retiring Guy for picking up the story:

Congratulations to the West Bend Community Memorial Library



DanBack said...

The one is for you Kevin:

Snip (I added the bold for Kevin):

" This is one more in a long list of examples in which one parent describes what he or she found objectionable, and then ignores any and all literary value, reducing the book to just the objectionable details. Taken out of context, the objectionable details become a lopsided and misleading description of the book, and that lopsided description then gets repeated endlessly and uncritically by people who don't read ."

kevin scheunemann said...


Nobody was calling for elimination of the books in question. (at least the petition I supported)

Just appropriate classifications between mature and non-mature material.

Kewaskum manages to pull it off. No one has complained that we locate and label mature material away from children.

Why is no one complaining about appropriate, family driven, classifications in Kewaskum?

Answer: We don't have a radical left wing library director.

Everyone has a right to say how their library is run. If you don't want this kind of criticism of a public library run by a radical left wing librarian, one would need to take the "public" out of public library.

Dan you should do some fundraising for the "Mark Peterson anything goes library", funded 100% by radical left causes. I wouldn't even complain you have no Bible in stock since its funded on your dime.

DanBack said...

Kevin, you BLOW MY MIND. Seriously.

I'll be in town visiting my family next week. Would you like to meet up for a beer? It would be fascinating for me to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one complaining about appropriate, family driven, classifications in Kewaskum?

1. The children don't read?
2. The public does not know what's going on or they are misinformed?
3. The public is apathetic?
4. The majority of the public believes government should dictate morality?
5. The people who believe in the right to information for all moved out and freedom from censorship moved out?
6. The children get their porn from the Internet and Uncle Bill's magazines like they have been for years?

Nanette said...

Congratulations to WBCML and all its supporters (including Motley Cow). Also deserving praise are Wisconsin librarians, the many courageous authors of YA books, and hard-core readers everywhere. Whenever I read a blog post or letter to the editor arguing for reduced access (which is almost as bad as outright removal of books, in my view), there are always wonderfully thoughtful and articulate pro-freedom responses. I can't tell you how much I am comforted by these responses.