Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Huffington Post's, The 12 Weirdest Right-Wing Conspiracies Of 2009

The threat of socialism and internment camps were my faves.

The 12 Weirdest Right-Wing Conspiracies Of 2009


John Jost said...

Beck was VERY fast at steering away from Michelle Bachman when she came up with her internment camps innuendo.
He has some conservation instinct left. Apparently, she doesn't.

Anonymous said...

"He has some conservation instinct left." BS - He didn't get orders from Murdoch to approve this idea. Murdoch, et al, routinely direct the political idea of the day to emphasize. Watch the film Outfoxed. No other major news corp (in a free country) has such glaring oversite.

Foxs news can be downright silly; however, the rest of the news corps are at times just as silly with what is (not) covered and how.

In short, anyone who gets his info from one news source (or one type of news source), be it conservative, liberal, moderate, is a fool.

If this trend continues, this country will get exactly what it deserves - moral law/Karma.

John Jost said...

Well, I am not a fan of his - never listen to him at all.

You made me think of the old Network movie where the boss yells: "IBM, ITT, AT&T, those are the nations of the world!"

I meant that she's even more nuts than he is.

I don't get that last line - "moral law/Karma" a punishment?

Mpeterson said...

He just means we'll get the government we deserve... -- which, the cynic in me insists, we always have.

Anonymous said...

I think Dave Berry's Year in Review of 2009 nailed it when he said:

"BAD NEWS: The downward spiral of the newspaper industry continued, resulting in the firings of thousands of experienced reporters and an apparently permanent deterioration in the quality of American journalism.

GOOD NEWS: A lot more people were tweeting."