Thursday, December 10, 2009

Global warming still on.

From our friends at Grassroots Northshore

Conservatives are crowing that they have struck gold, claiming that the emails prove global warming is a hoax. You might have heard this from your right leaning friends, coworkers and relatives, who have probably sent you emails of their own.

1) The crisis is more undeniable than ever.

2) The hacked emails offer no proof that the research is a hoax.

3) Even a conservative writer finds no evidence that there was a conspiracy to climate hide data.

4) The Union of Concerned Scientists lets loose on a broadside against the climate changes deniers over the stolen emails.

5) And sorry right wing, big business is jumping on the sustainability bandwagon.

I know. We keep overlooking the benefits of global warming, like.... fire ants in Wisconsin. Oh, and aligators.


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