Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cornel West's new memoire.

I always try to listen, carefully, to Professor West and I wish I could be less sympathetic toward his critique of Mr. Obama.

West: I was ready because I draw a radical distinction between the symbolic and the substantial. As a critical supporter of Barack Obama, engaged in over 50 events for him from Iowa to Ohio, I knew that at a symbolic level something could happen that was unprecedented. And it did happen. At that symbolic level, I can understand the tears, I can understand the jubilation, I can understand the euphoria. But I always knew there was a sense in which he, now heading the American empire, was tied to the shadow government, tied to CIA, FBI, tied to the establishment waiting to embrace him. It was clear when he chose his economic team, when he chose his foreign policy team, he was choosing, of course, the recycled neo-liberals and recycled neo-Clintonites that substantially you're going to end up with these technocratic policies that consider poor people and working people as afterthoughts. Beginning with bankers, beginning with elites.

But I'm still going to give him his full year... which ends on January 20th.


Kevin Scheunemann said...


Sometimes you shock me.

Both you and Cornel West are throwing Obama "under the bus" already?

Holy cow! Just how much of the economy do you want Obama have the Federal government seize to make either of you happy?

Cornel West should scare you, not invoke sympathy. Cornel's "sympathies" hurt the poor.

LazedAndConfused said...


Cornell West is a charlatan.

He should stay on his new career path; acting.

(Have you ever listened to his commentary track on the Matrix DVD's?)

Now, I am not denying that we on the left have something to be concerned about: after all, our savior turns out to be human after all. And anytime our mortality comes up, yes, this can be a difficult transition into adulthood>)

But he brought an outsider into the CIA to shake things up, he is closing Bush's torture gulag, and undid, in a flash, the prostitution of some of this country's most sacred land, land that Bush/McCain wanted to "drill baby drill...and mine baby mine."

Message to the left:"stop whining."

Mpeterson said...

One absolute certainty is that West is not a charlatan. His work has always been rock solid and he probably understands the post-modern post-structural critiques better than either of us....

The one possible hole in his axiom set is that he's a devout and serious minded Christian, an assumption you are not burdened by. :)

LazedAndConfused said...

You're right, that was a pretty unfair post and a bad move on my part. (TROLL-ing, my bad)

I actually give him credits for being the first philosophy professor to provide the commentary-track to a major motion-picture, which is something that should happen way more often; besides, his acting added to the charm and intelligence of those films.

And besides when is good acting a prerequisite for good politics, right? (It is?... OOH, It isn't?)