Friday, November 06, 2009

Republican leadership couldn't get insurance under its own proposal.

Irony irony irony,

From Thom Hartmann:
In a great Republican Irony - the Republican House Leadership would not be able to find affordable insurance under their own proposal. The six Republican legislators have an average the age of 52 and, as a group, are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, different cancers, high blood pressure, and a host of other chronic diseases. Their Republican healthcare alternative would permit insurers to discriminate against them and price these Republican leaders out of the market. Off with their healthcare!
How many teabaggers would have showed up in Washington without Right-Wing Billionaire David Koch helping to pay for 40 buses to haul them free of charge to the anti healthcare rally organized by Rep. Michele Bachmann? Inquiring minds want to know, but given that 40 subsidized busses showed up it may be that without the help of millionaires and billionaires, Michelle would have been talking to a dozen hardcore true believers.

Or simply justice.


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Kevin Scheunemann said...


This would not be true.

All congressman vote themselves "EXEMPT" out of the crap they pass. They all have a "special health care plan".

So Republicans will still have health insurance.

Not one congressman, including Democrats, seem willing to vote themselves into the "public option" they are willing to subject us "peasants" to.

When Congress is willing to strip themselves of their "special plan" and subject themselves to the legislation they pass for the rest of us on health care...that's the day I will possibly consider something useful came out of Wshington. (I said "useful", not "cost effective".)