Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Poor Pay More in Wisconsin.

As predicted.

One Wisconsin Now | Cody's Web Log: The Poor Pay More

Details from a new report from the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy

Tiddly pom.


Rich Kasten said...

Interesting rationalization by the group and One Wisconsin Now... It still does not explain why there is huge population growth in non-income tax paying states (FL, NV). I know my wife and I have seriously talked about moving from WI - our home state for over 40 years.

I bet if you factor in federal income tax, their, and your, assertions don't hold true.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


You seem surprised by this!

Gov. Doyle's budget is a giant taxation on the poor...

2.) cutting aide to school districts
3.) cutting aide to municipalities (which forces us to raise fees on park use or cut services like the pool hours.)
4.) Ridiculous DNR mandates causing the poor's water bill to double.
5.) Funding the Milwaukee Child care fraud for years!
6.) Paying over $100 million for a state computer system that was supposed to be $10 million.
7.) ciggarette tax increase

I could go on. But haven't you been "Ra-Ra" with your pom pom's on the Doyle administration's disgusting tax policies for some time?

where is your criticism of the gov. for getting us into this mess?

Mpeterson said...

It's pretty interesting, I thought, Rich... the real meat comes after you factor in the federal income taxes.

And, I should note, TANSTAAFL. Florida survives on social security money that you and I are already paying for through our federal income taxes. You might want to go down and get your piece of it before it dries up.

Anonymous said...

Taxes and the down economy are hurting everyone; check out the stats:

I was wondering about these stats as I heard people were laid off and their peers that were "left behind" picked up their responsibilities. I thought these numbers were the "sugar on top" for the pro-business philosophy.

Oh, after reading the stats, consider this website:

After reading the article and the breaking news, one might become a tad more inclined towards light rail building before the sh*t hits the fan.

***Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased at a 9.5 % annual rate during the third quarter of 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This was the largest gain in productivity since the third quarter of 2003, when it rose 9.7 %.
***Unit labor costs declined 3.6 percent over the last
four quarters—the largest decrease since the series began in 1948.
***Productivity increased 9.8 percent in the business sector in the third quarter of 2009.
***Manufacturing sector productivity grew 13.6 percent in the third quarter of 2009, as output increased 7.7 percent despite a 5.2 percent decrease in hours worked.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Mpeterson said...

Kevin always seems to vanish when the facts come out...

DanBack said...

"Kevin always seems to vanish when the facts come out..."

Ain't that the truth? I know I've been beating the fact that he hasn't read The Perks of Being a Wallflower into the ground, but the fact that he passes judgement on it without reading it is pretty revealing. The fact that he doesn't respond to me about it reveals even more. He seems to be in lock-step with Ginny's tactics - pretend it's being "shoved in the faces of 8 year olds", use selected excerpts to make it seem like a how-to book on having sex, and shove Dilly Bars in your ears and hum the national anthem when people try to engage in a conversation about it.

kevin scheunemann said...


I'm confused.

Didn't you admonish me to stop wasting my time posting a couple of topics back...(I believe Dan also said I was "not helping" by posting)

and now you both yearn for me to comment?


Actually, we all agree the tax burden is too high on the poor. We just disagree how to fix that burden. I'm sure you want to tax leaders and achievers vs. cutting wasteful government spending.

Anonymous said...

"and now you both yearn for me to comment?"

Don't flatter yourself Kevin.

James Dionne said...

Kevin, I said "you're not helping". You're not. I am a conservative. I think Doyle sucks. I think my taxes are too high. I also hate the fact that religious nut jobs have taken over the GOP. I don't blindly follow Rush, I don't blindly follow the church. But, I don't dismiss everything Mark posts as wrong. If you have facts to challenge him with do it. but often you do not. Your posts and rebuttals make me cringe. Your arguments fall right into what liberals think conservatives are. Blowhards. They read your posts and laugh at you as crazy and dismiss what you say. Kevin, I can't stand your posts because they make no logical sense, you stray way off topic and you tend to insult those that disagree with you. I agree with you politically 95% of the time and I seriously can't stand your posts, maybe it's your tone or your refusal to listen to the other opinions, but your posts have made me come here way less often and that's pretty bad.

Mpeterson said...

As tempting as it is to disallow Kevin's increasingly silly posts, I can't do it -- and the more he posts, the sillier he makes conservatives look... which I suspect now might well be intentional. Kevin is an old school hard core Randian libertarian -- or at least, was when I knew him better -- so, as a rule, he thinks liberals and conservatives alike are dolts. His lead footed dodging of questions about his view of the religious commitments of his friends in the Common Sense Citizens (sic) brigade indicates his real feelings.

James, I'm always hopeful that people like you and Rich can regain control of your party from the loonies who've been running it. I am not as hopeful about the Democrats, but we do what we can. ;^)

In the meantime, I don't see any end to Kevin's political Monty Pythonism.

kevin scheunemann said...


Could you name the posts that don't make logical sense?

I'm required to be "helping" in my posts? Who exactly? And to what degree?

You visit less? I notice a lot more motely cow blog activity since I've been posting. I'm sure I could be offended by your posts or someone else's posts, but do you see me complain about not visiting anymore?

That's what makes this blog interesting. Its diverse cross section of people submitting comments.

I never claimed to be a "conservative" in the Mary Panzer sense of the word.


Political "Monty Pythonism". That was a good one. I have to give you intellectual props on that one. lol.

Mpeterson said...

Yadda yadda.... see, it's just that some of the other posters think you're being serious, so....

kevin scheunemann said...


Global warming "science" seems to be the greatest political "Monty Pythonism" of our time.

One can't help but did these scientists keep the scam going for this long?

I'm impressed by the ferver in the global warming faith, even up until last week, despite lack of reason or knowledge on the science!

Is Jim Doyle still advocating the global warming faith, paid for by and on the backs of the poor?