Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A mental health break from The Onion

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck


John Jost said...

In the Monty Python vein, this is priceless.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

More mental health break.

Go to

11 more videos of school kids worshipping and singing hymns to Obama.

A chance to embrace and enjoy all that worship and religion going on in public schools!

I'm writing my "hymn" to Scott Walker and sending it to all these teachers to have kids sing with same enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Kevin you really are smitten with Obama aren't you? Do you have a crush on him?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, please stop reposting Fox News opinion points. Have an original thought please.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


1.) Fox News has the best News out there. (They are asking questions the rest of the "mainstream" media is not.)

2.) I missed the part where a "hymn to Scott Walker" was on Fox News.

Given your reaction, religious worship of Obama is "OK" in public schools.

So I'm glad all the liberals here will extend the same religious freedom when I suggest "hymns to Scott Walker" to my local school district.

My next hymn I may suggest the "good 'ole' days of George W. Bush...


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to find out tomorrow what happened on fox news today!
kevin, keep keeping us posted!

John Jost said...

Kevin Scheunemann, in a morbid way, I love your sources as much as Ginny Maziarka's. Yours is BigGovernment, which, coincidentally, walks hand in hand with Glenn Beck The Omnipresent.

Ginny Maziarka's source, in posting about Planned Parenthood's purported abortion quotas, is WorldNetDaily, one of your probable favorites, which boasts "a right wing conservative and libertarian perspective". It was founded by Joseph Farah, "a proponent of the Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories", and brings us such items as "an editorial in December 2006 written by Jim Rutz of "Megashift Ministries" where he claimed that eating soy at a young age increases the chance that a child will be gay".

I would not ask you two for any more transparency.

Anonymous said...

@7:31 - I know, right? I listen to the Belling podcast from where I am (strictly for entertainment purposes mind you) and it's just the same old recycled stuff out of Kevin's fingertips. Belling + O'Riley + Dilly Bars = Kevin's Brain.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, you still haven't answered the question that has been asked of you,

Anonymous said...

Kevin, why on earth is EVERYTHING about Obama to you?

PaulyW said...

Slamming Glen Beck is original? Libs have been doing that for a year.

Mpeterson said...

I am a little worried about Kevin when he starts siding with Christian fundamentalists -- that's a bit political for a hard core Randian libertarian, isn't it? I mean, Kev, you're an atheist who believes Christians are foolish sheeple. Why would you side with your own enemies? :)

kevin scheunemann said...

All this public school Obama worship has got many here "worked up", to the point of an almost denial it even exists.

Liberals seem cleaar: stomp out all religious speech in the public square...but only religions liberalism hate.

Public school kids engaging in Obama worship is a "favored god".

That's why I'm waiting for a liberal list of "favored" vs. "unfavored" gods so I don't run afould of the church of liberalism on this.

Its clear to me now, and Fox News is not part of the allowed worship.

So is "Scott Walker worship" OK in public schools?

Many thanks for clearing up the fact that and Fox News is verboten in the church of liberalism.

I'm trying to weed out what public speech makes me a heretic in the church of liberalism.

Anonymous said...

"Fox News has the best News out there. (They are asking questions the rest of the "mainstream" media is not.)"

Ironically, this is also the opinion of Faux News. Just because they say they are the best doesn't mean they are. Maybe the rest of "mainstream" media isn't asking those questions because they aren't so reactionary? Why not try and branch out to something a little more unbiased like BBC or Znet? While they certainly have their flaws, Faux News is just making things up... which leads me to...

"Given your reaction, religious worship of Obama is "OK" in public schools."

No, given my reaction, I don't think that it was a form of religious worship. And it has nothing at all to do with religious freedom. Its just a fabricated controversy.

This news story was done 7 MONTHS after the event took place. The lyrics were sent home before hand for the parents approval. It was fo black history month and presidents day and they also sang about George Washington.

Wait a minute, why aren't you complaining about George Washington being worshiped? He seems to be more of a threat since there were a couple of statues built of him. That's idolatry right? America is violating the first commandment right there! Maybe you and Faux News should storm DC and trash everything from the Lincoln memorial to the Library of Congress. History will so totally vindicate you.

Anonymous said...

"Given your reaction, religious worship of Obama is "OK" in public schools."

This is an amusing quote. Why would a public figure and business owner resort to being no more than an internet "troll" using his real name?

And when I call him a troll, I'm giving him the benefit of doubt. I hope he doesn't actually believe he's right or logical.

DanBack said...

Kevbo sez: "1.) Fox News has the best News out there. (They are asking questions the rest of the "mainstream" media is not.)"

"Best" news? That' the real problem isn't it. There isn't a best or worst news. There is spin you agree with and spin you don't agree with. I put on CNN and Fox in equal amounts as I clean my apartment and would say that CNN as nothing on FOX when it comes to spin. Nothing even close. Indeed, the entire notion of a "mainstream" media doesn't exist anymore - and if you think it does you are just playing games.

Kevin Scheuenmann said...

Help me out here: (to insure my allowed worship of the "right" subjects)

Favored gods of liberalism:

1.) Public school adovocated Obama worship.
2.) CNN & MSNBC (despite low ratings).
3.) The Onion wishing Glen Beck was dead. (pure satire, of course)
4.) Stopping global warming (whether real or imagined).

Disfavored liberal gods:

1.) Fox News
3.) Diversity and tolerance(can't have 1 news station not towing the liberal news mantra).
4.) Public officials having an opinion about a post on a local (slightly?) liberal blog.
5.) Supporting global warming (whether real or imagined).

Where would my (proposed) written public school hymns to Scott Walker fall on the list? Can I get local school kids together to sing about lower taxes, more jobs, greater wealth creation for all?

Or is that exercise of free speech "verboten" in the liberal handbook. (which I need a copy of BTW.)

Many thanks for providing clarity. I can be a little slow on which subjects can and cannot be discussed simply because they appear on Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, which DQs do you own? I'd prefer to not unknowingly support you. Thanks.

John Jost said...

Kevin S., the words "diversity" and "tolerance" don't flow too well from your pen - not after your by and large support of Ginny M.'s book censorship crusade, which ended up achieving nothing.

DanBack said...


What are your metrics for determining which media is "mainstream"? Fox trounces CNN in ratings and Belling has been winning the evening drive for years. The Journal/Sentinel is about as thick as a comic book and with about as many readers. The Drudge Report is as popular as ever.

kevin scheunemann said...

Jon Jost,

Frankly, I was only following the WB library controversy, but was not really involved.

My wife gave permission for the petition because she couldn't believe the books being exposed to kids.

My wife informed me about the permission while talking to her about 4 other things. It was not even on my radar 3 weeks before the event when permission was granted.

It was not until I received hateful and intolerent phone calls AND LETTERS from leftists as far away as Milwaukee warning me against the small practice of democracy in my parking lot!

It is the left that needs lessons in tolerance and diversity!

I read the petition. The leftist activists that called me did not read the petition. These activists complained it was "anti-homosexual". I returned all written correspondence (letter and email)by handing out my cell phone # to discuss their concerns about petition. Not one of the activists, hateful of democracy, bothered to call. The petition did not call for book removal; just better locating and labeling policies for parents and children.

These leftist activists did not want to discuss issues, they only wanted to intimidate and frighten.


When a group of small-minded leftist activists threaten such a well reasoned petition from local taxpayers on how their local library should run....that is liberal bigotry, & intolerance.

Those words flow quite easily from my pen.

Anonymous said...

Mark - when you embed video just changing the width in pixels will make it fit in the column of your blog - in this case 350 pixels wide should be good. there is a number in the embed code that you can just adjust.

no need to actually post this comment.


Anonymous said...


What are your metrics for determining which media is "mainstream"? Fox trounces CNN in ratings and Belling has been winning the evening drive for years. The Journal/Sentinel is about as thick as a comic book and with about as many readers. The Drudge Report is as popular as ever.

"I read the petition." But did you read the books? I just read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Harmless. Anyone who really thinks it is harmful is probably afraid of their own shadow.

kevin scheunemann said...



I don't disagree with your assesment of Journal Sentinel. Its pathetic these days. I'm thinking about canceling my subscription.

I don't have a problem with reading "Perks of Being a Wallflower". The Kewaskum Library has a copy, but it is located and labeled away from the children's section.

I have a problem (and my wife also does as well) with my 8 year old daughter reading it. My 8 year old puruses the children's section of Kewaskum Library very fast. I always review what she checks out, but I would have a problem with her picking up that book and reading it while I'm helping my 4 year old pick out a book.

"Perks" is in the Kewaskum library, and not one constituent has complained its located away from children, and labeled for "mature audiences".

"Perks" is a vigorously checked out item in Kewaskum. No one, including me, has ever called for it to be banned from being stocked in the library.

The difference is: The Kewaskum librarian has common sense standard of what books are appropriate for children.

The West Bend Library issue is about which books should be shoved in the face of children, not about banning books.

I don't think "Perks" should be shoved in the face of children at a public library.

If parents want to buy a copy, or go into the mature section and check it out from the library for their kids, fine, but its a family choice at that point.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think "Perks" should be shoved in the face of children at a public library." Now stop playing games here Kevin. Has a book ever been shoved in your face at a library? They aren't Wal-Mart - there are no greeters. And the YA section isn't for 8 year olds, so there is no danger of her getting it "shoved in her face" anyway.

Have you read the book tho, other than Ginny's choice excerpts? I ask you again - you didn't answer me the first time I asked.

So "ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN." are "mainstream", even tho Fox destroys CNN nightly and nobody under 35 has watched a network newscast in years. Drudge is without a doubt the most popular news site in the country. Maybe a case could be made 10 years ago that there was a "mainstream" media but not any more. To say otherwise is just plain dishonest.

But you like playing games.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so did you read the book or not Kevin? I love when people who don't read tell people who do read where books should be located.

Anonymous said...

Your 8 year old would never WANT to read it. Ever. Not even if you paid her to. Eight year olds would read a page IF they even picked it up at all before putting it right back down. An 8 year old ain't gonna read Glenn Beck no matter how much you ask them to either.

Stop being so paranoid. Ideas and books are nothing to be afraid of. If I had an 8 year old I'd let them read what you write without any fear it would damage her;)

DanBack said...

It's pretty obvious he hasn't read it, yet has passed judgment on it. Which is funny because Kevin strikes me as the kind of guy who gets all in a huff when members of congress don't read bills before passing them either. Please correct me if I'm wrong Kevin.

kevin scheunemann said...


So if I wrote a hymn to Scott Walker about lower taxes, less regulation, and wealth have no problem with that?

We should get this in front of kids at school and the library right away!

(The answer is: liberals would have a big problem with this. "Indoctrination" "hate speech" and other screaming from the liberal establishment of intolerance would ensue if I exposed children to such "thoughts".)

Let's not pretend that you favor an "anything goes" standard when it comes to material in front of children.

You do not support a true "anything goes" in front of kids standard.

Now who is the "censor"?

Will you support the "children's hymns to Scott Walker project"?

Anonymous said...

Best news out there, that Fox!

Anonymous said...

Are you reading the book quickly before you answer my question? I'd think you would be finished by now, its a two dayer tops.