Monday, November 02, 2009

Are Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives?

An intriguing look at the question: the fault lines aren't obvious.

Are Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives?


kevin scheunemann said...

Wait a minute....Mark,

Didn't we previously settle on the fact that Democrats are not as smart as Republicans in getting away with siphoning government money to their friends?

So Republicans are smarter than Democrats, but liberals are smarter than conservatives....

Does this mean liberals are not good at employing their "smarts"?

Mpeterson said...

Actually Kevin, I think that is exactly right. :^)

It's like asking a physicist to change a tire. They actually understand what a tire is to a much greater degree than any mechanic, and yet...

Anonymous said...

So Republicans are mechanics and Democrats are physicists?

You're putting yourself on a pretty high horse.

PaulyW said...


The link is broken, can you fix please?

Mpeterson said...

Works fine for me Pauly.

Mpeterson said...

Hey Anonymous,

High horse is the wrong metaphor.

My observation over the years has been that liberals, as a rule, tend to be more theoretically coherent in terms of their views of social justice while conservatives, as a rule, have tended to be more practical. The extremes of both parties are extreme along exactly these fault lines (Ideal justice at any cost vs. the brutal pragmatics of power).

Theory tends to favor trying to bring more ideal truths into political reality, practice tends to favor ignoring theory in favor of exigency and actually getting things done, regardless of any ideal considerations.

Mechanics doesn't work without the right physics and physics isn't applied in the world without mechanics.

My fall back job was to become a diesel mechanic. I loved working on machinery when I was younger and have often suspected I missed my calling.

I'm quite sure Kevin and Owen would agree. :)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

lol...diesel mechanic?

What will really bake your noodle is: which job, philosophy professor, or diesel mechanic, emits more CO2?

I support more CO2.

Did you every stop to wonder that "liberal social justice theory" does not work?

Zimbabwe is a perfect example of liberal social justice theory in practice...everyone is starving, but the liberals did manage to "stick it" to the rich white farmers by taking their land and nationalizing farms.

Zimbabwe went from biggest African food exporter to one of the biggest food importers.


Because "liberal social justice" does not get the farm fields plowed when "liberal social justice" strips away incentive to work and produce.

That's the problem liberalism refuses to admit.

Mpeterson said...

Zimbabwe is an example of liberal social justice theory? Just like Ayn Rand is an example of fascist Social Darwinism?

Only if we use the European definition of "liberal".

Stop that. You know better.