Saturday, October 10, 2009

Should West Bend students bring their own toilet paper to school?

I imagine this idea would be a thrilling new possibility to our colleagues in the irate strangle-the-schools majority -- except the source is foreign and, therefore, suspect. Nonetheless:
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Irish parents struggling to buy schoolbooks and uniforms in the face of a deep recession may now have to worry about sending their children to school with a toilet roll as well as a packed lunch.

Pupils at a primary school in the southern county of Cork are being asked to bring their own toilet paper to school to help save money, one of the starkest examples yet of the death of Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" economy.

"The letter was sent out just as a way of balancing books here in the school and not intended as a demand," said Catherine O'Neill, principal at St John's Girls National School.

O'Neill said the request was made because of cuts to government grants for books and computers. She added that parents were responding well.

"I've done a quick tour of the classrooms this morning and I'd say at least half the pupils have brought them (toilet rolls) in," she told national broadcaster RTE.

"I have no doubt that there are an enormous number of schools out there that are doing the same thing."


Anonymous said...

Hey. We are getting pretty close. No tissues unless the kids bring them. But really, are teachers supposed to pay out of their own pockets? I work in the schools and see many of them try to do what they can but, come on. Parents and citizens need to step up!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has often been forced to rely on good old institutionalized state paper, the idea of B.Y.O.T.P. actually sounds pretty good. Charmin for the kids;innovative.

Hey!Is this the de-evolution of blogging, or what?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

With Obama saying NO increase to social security checks next year...Kids aren't the only ones taking it on the posterior!

Government run retirement...

Government run education...

Looks like there will never be enough toilet paper to wipe up the politician's excrement of broken promises on either program!

Maybe we can "fix it" by government taking over the toilet paper industry. It will have only one brand to choose from, all others will be banned. I've already come up with a perfect & increadibly articulate government brand name..."scratchy".

Excuse me...I suddenly feel the need to build a secured shed around my leaf pile in the back yard.