Monday, October 19, 2009

Sarah Palin to appear at State Fair Park

Nice to know she's got work... or is this, technically, a "job"? I mean, in some meaningful way?

Sarah Palin to appear at State Fair Park - JSOnline

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will visit Milwaukee next month for a speech at State Fair Park.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate will speak Nov. 6 at the Wisconsin Exposition Center in West Allis. Tickets cost $30 each and can be purchased online only at No tickets will be sold at the door.

The program is scheduled from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Palin's visit is sponsored by Wisconsin Right to Life and will feature Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-AM (620) as master of ceremonies. Palin was Sen. John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Uh, ceremonies?



Kevin Scheunemann said...


This "a job?" comment had a cynical tone of criticism about it.

I can't help but ask...did you criticize Obama's "community organizing" "job"?

What makes "community organizing" better than a public appearance a state fair park that the market actually appears to demand?

PaulyW said...

So her "job" is to stay at home like those whackos at the Eagle Forum tout? Those same pople you blasted the other day?

What else do you call somebody that hosts an event?

Mpeterson said...

She *is* one of those Stepford Wives the Eagle Forum loves.

And what do we call Charlie hosting this event? We call him a shill for the house.

Anonymous said...

Is she going to resign halfway through her speech? Oh yea, she just talking about doing stuff versus actually doing stuff. She'll go overtime!

Maybe she can get a new stadium built in West Bend, and then leave.

PaulyW said...

You call her a Stepford Wife? By your definition being Govenor is not a job. I guess that explains Doyle.

Not sure you would want me to introduce you at a ceromony...Point being, you don't have your enemies as your MC. Whom else who they pick?

John Jost said...

The market is not demanding that Sarah Palin appear in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Right To Life is.

Same thinking as our own Ginny Maziarka claiming to be the advocate of West Bend citizens.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

At least Sarah doesn't have to "run and hide" from her political friends.

Didn't Obama work for ACORN?

Just how does this State Fair Sarah Palin event deserve more criticism than the president as a "community organizer" that worked with ACORN, a knowingly corrupt organization?

I'd have Charlie "shill" for me anytime.

The president is too embarrassed by ACORN to "shill" for his old political buddies these days.

At least with Charlie and Sarah we don't have to worry about overt public corruption tainting the event.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't Obama work for ACORN"

WTF does that have to do with anything? Kevin looks for any reason to bring in random criticisms. Hilarious.

Pat said...

No Kevin,

Obama did not work for ACORN. Obama once took on a case for ACORN. But Obama was never a staff attorney for ACORN.

This is from

Anonymous said...

"The market is not demanding that Sarah Palin appear in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Right To Life is."

Ah, she'll be strapping her baby, and looking compassionate.

More money for special education?
More gov. assistance for those with special needs?

Not in West Bend. See Boots and Sabers. search spec ed

Kevin Scheunemann said...


So Wisconsin Right to Life is not part of the speaking market?

I'm not going to see Sarah, but it pleases me seeing how worked up some liberals get when a speech, liberals did not pre-approve, is given!

I think liberals should be more concerned that Obama is willing to speak to the thugs like Hugo Chavez, Casto, Morales, that crazy in Iran, Kim in N. Korea, but is scared to go on Fox News!!!!!

A president willing to talk to murderous thugs, but not a News organization that will ask spirited questions....

Now that is funny, and worthy of Motely Cow coverage!

Anonymous said...

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