Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The public option? Insurance companies don't like competition.

From the economic patriots at MoveOn.



Anonymous said...

1 - Apple pie was not invented in America

2 - If you think higher taxes are more affordable, then go for it

I hate the idea that the government is pushing this as an essential "freebie" and how it will save of tons of money. This health care program will be funded by tax payers and businesses. Businesses will not be able to hire as many people because they pay hire taxes. Many people in the health insurance industry will lose their jobs, which means no income, which means no more taxes from them. And once the government realizes that they don't have the funds to cover the program because they is a sudden loss of income tax revenue from the millions in healthcare, they will begin taxing our insurance policies and raising taxes everywhere else to make up for it.

Right now, I pay insurance premiums to my insurance company. Under Obama's plan, my money is taken out of my paychecks and from a "tiny" premium. Either way, I am paying for it. To think that the government has the ability to lower the costs is outrageous.

And the excuse of "cutting waste in the system" essentially means people losing their jobs. It's all a bunch of propaganda... that's it. No substance, no truth.

Mpeterson said...

Well, then why are all the other governments in the developed world able to do it? and at a much lower percentage of GDP?

Apple pie was invented in Europe, where they do have good health care that costs them less than ours costs us.

You're going to pay for health care and, if you're able to pay for yourself right now, you're also paying for a lot of other people who aren't paying for theirs.

I'd say you're thinking in terms of gross, not net.

kevin scheunemann said...

I really enjoy a philosophy professor, who brags about being outside the capitalist system, talking about insurance companies not liking "competition"?

I take it you would equally embrace, wholeheartedly, the call for "competition" among philosophy professors?

We only hire only the top 10 philosophy professors in the nation and broadcast their classes to other universities where their philosophy "professor" didn't make the competitive grade. (I'm confident you could make the top 10!)

Mpeterson said...

Up until rather recently, the last 100 years or so, most professors worked on a subscription basis -- which means competence and effectiveness in the classroom. Grin, and yeah. I'd be delighted to give that go... not only within philosophy, but across the curriculum philosophy is an increasingly popular major (again)... since people with a background in philosophy tend to be more flexible in the work environment than people who major in other disciplines.

Did I say I was outside the system? I think you're making stuff up now.

kevin scheunemann said...

Business Ethics...

Your gave an interesting talk on how some in (polite) society don't know exactly how to treat you because you are "outside the capitalist system".

It had a slight sense of "bragging" to it. (It wasn't overt or obnoxious, but you clearly enjoyed saying it.)

Aren't you impressed I paid attention and still remember that 15 years later?

So are you admiting to being a capitalist, or in the capitalist system, today?

Anonymous said...

No, I am thinking in terms of net because I will continue to pay my premiums and for those under the national plan. That is my NET amount.

So, are you saying that a national plan would bear no burden on me and my current situation?

And by burden, I mean any effects such as my employment at a small business, taxes, etc.

Mpeterson said...

You're not carrying a truck load of burden now?

Anonymous said...

That doesn't answer my question.

kevin scheunemann said...

I'll share my burden.

I'm worried about liberals ruining their "pro-choice" reputations by supporting single payer health care.

If it's single payer...where's the choice?

How can one be proud to be liberal, but yet against health care choice?

That's my burden...liberals against choice...both in schools and health care.

I feel cleansed calling out the liberal hypocrasy.

I feel better.