Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jon Kyl: another fibber, now annoying AARP

And no surprises here, but isn't this guy an AARP member? And why try to piss of the entire babyboom?

YouTube - Call 'Em Out: Jon Kyl


Anonymous said...

Jon Kyl: "This plan will increase costs"

Obama's Response: "I won't approve a bill that adds one dime to our deficit"

There is a difference between increased costs and increased deficits. You can most certainly increase costs without increasing the deficit... it's called taxation.

Obama: "Nothing in this plan will require you to change your health insurance"

There is also nothing in the law that requires people to stop smoking. But, if you raise the price high enough, many people quit. In other words, you don't have to require someone to take the national health care plan but, if you tax the hell out of businesses and insurance companies to the point that private health care costs even more and more, you don't really have a choice.

Hypothetically, Obama could require that your private health insurance premiums be quadrupled so that it is no longer affordable and you must switch over to the national plan... but he will still say "You are free to keep your own private health insurance". What a joke.

Instead of listening to Obama's sparkly words of hope, listen to what he is really saying. And, Peterson, you said that Obama has 7 years to go... make that 3, if not sooner.

Mpeterson said...

We'll find out.

kevin scheunemann said...

When 45% of doctors say they would consider quitting or retiring if forced into a government run and funded health care program...that doctor shortage will not raise costs?

Which government provided drugs do I need to take to believe that bunk?

Anonymous said...

No comment about that actual point of my argument?

Mpeterson said...

Oh sure. To me it looks like you've used a false analogy.

Unless you want to argue that raising the cost of cigarettes to prevent (or recover) the cost to the rest of us (the premiums of the healthy pay for the costs of those who fall ill... I think helmet laws might work here too) for the unhealthy actions of a few is a bad idea, in which case I'd counter by suggesting that you're only looking at the gross and not the net costs you're complaining about.

And why would you defend an insurance product with premiums going up at a dramatically fast rate than inflation or your wages?

Maybe we could outsource health care to China, as we have our manufacturing?

Anonymous said...

No that's not what I was saying at all.

My points:

1) Obama defense to "This plan will increase costs" is "I will not increase the deficit". The two are unrelated and he does not address who will pay for the program.

2) Obama says that we still have a choice to keep our current coverage. However, he is going to make private health care unaffordable for those that are perfectly fine with it right now. He can leave the option on the table for us to choose our own coverage but, when he starts tampering with the coverage we have already, it won't really matter.

The point of what I am saying Obama is twisting his words and making national health care seem better than it ever will be. He is a president, not a salesman.

Anonymous said...

"And why would you defend an insurance product with premiums going up at a dramatically fast rate than inflation or your wages?"

The insurance premiums are going up dramatically faster than inflation & wages because medical costs are going up faster than inflation or wages. Plus, the insurance premiums pick up the underfunded medical care from the public programs like Medicare & Medicaid.

Mpeterson said...

That's stops short of the full answer. Why do you believe costs are going up? That's where the trouble is.