Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glenn Grothman comes out in support of the West Bend School board?

Had to cross link this bit of news. Even Senator Grothman was able to do the math on this one.

Glenn Grothman: right for supporting the West Bend School board.

Where's Boots and Sabers when you need them? Probably off, being right, somewhere.



kevin scheunemann said...

I think you are misconstruing Glen's position.

Your "glowing" support of Glen in this area does not mean Glen supports more crazy, job killing, government spending like you do.

I agree with Glen, and...gasp... Mark Peterson, that it is not the West Bend School Board's fault.

Its the failt of crazy liberal/irresponsible politicians in Madison that see fit to fund their Milwaukee child care welfare fraud costing taxpayers well over $20 million in fraud payments, their irresponsible $10 million computer system that now costs well over $100 million, and Doyle's crazy train plan, just to name a few.

And we have not begun to address the hostile war against WI business Doyle has conducted on leaders and achievers in this state, forcing business out of this state and causing declining state revenues.

Contrary, to your implication in the article, Glen was not calling for more spending, but for more responsibility in Madison.

Do you really want guys like Doyle running your health care? He can't even keep the state promise to fund school districts at the levels promised.

How will government run/funded health care be any different?

Sorry, Mark, we just don't have enough $ to take out your infected gall bladder this year...

kevin scheunemann said...

Hey Mark,

Did you see the Journal/Sentinel today?

Swine flu vaccine line---government run health care at "its best".

Long lines, shortages, rationing.

Why do liberals advocate long lines, shortages, and rationing in health care?

I'm willing to bet Glen is against long lines, shortages, and rationing in health care. I think you should write an article praising him for that.

Ohh.... and just how is it "good health" to make people wait out in the freezing cold rain to get this swine flu shot?

But I suppose we could point to the post office, like Obama, of how government works...cough.

Mpeterson said...

Are you just trotting out examples of logical fallacies to help me stay up to speed? If so, thanks!

kevin scheunemann said...

Politics is not about logic.

To beleive politics is about logic is a fallacy.

Mpeterson said...

That explains it.

So you're doing politics rather than conversation? :)

Anonymous said...

"Swine flu vaccine lines" is a piss-poor example to invoke for anything. It is strictly a supply/capacity issue - some have predicted this type of thing specifically because the manufacturing has been left to the private sector, and that sector is not motivated to produce goods on speculation that might never be purchased. Would be like expecting Dairy Queen to always have 50 cheeseburgers on the grill ready to serve on a moment's notice in case a busload of seniors pull in the driveway on the way to the casino.
This scenario sounds similar to when tickets go on sale for a Hannah Montana concert - and that is a private sector initiative.

kevin scheunemann said...

If you admit the choice and scope of your blog postings are political vs. logical.

I can admit the "politics" of my comments.

(Meaning there is a distinct pattern, on your part, to present stories and material to attempt to demonize the right wing, while ignoring obvious stories and material that demonize the left wing.)

If politics operated on a "logical" level, radical left wingers like Obama and Doyle would never get elected!

Coversation is fine, but "logical fallacy" exists in nearly all political conversation.

Unless you are attempting to say your highly interesting political blog has a sense of logic to it.

If your are making that "logic" claim, could you make a textbook logic proof for your blog?