Wednesday, October 07, 2009

China's anniversary parade.

Just so we remember where we are.

China's 60th Anniversary national day - timelapse and slow motion - 7D and 5DmkII from Dan Chung on Vimeo.


kevin scheunemann said...

What's the deal with this?

Is the Motely Cow celebrating leftist Chinese oppression and mass murder?

Why will Obama not meet with the religious leader from Tibet?

Other Side said...

Er (again), Mr. Scheunemann might note the military might on display and be thankful we are not subjected to that curse.

Or perhaps he yearns for a totalitarian or theocratic way of life?

Mpeterson said...

To remind us of where we are... I thought Kevin to could do 'high context' better than that.

OS: Ironic, isn't it.... One of the bits of typical libertarian denial is that, in the end, their grounding assumptions about the expression of personal liberty flow down the same path of logical necessity as most other theocratic belief systems -- right into totalitarianism.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I just thought the denouncement of leftisit Chinese totalitarianism and oppression could be more pronounced than "Just so we remember where we are."

Obama is running around telling us how terrible America is.

Is the Motely Cow contradicting Obama and sending the message "how great America is"?

Kudos then.

Just state the greatness of America then. Stop with all the confusing, hate America first, leftist apology signals.

Mpeterson said...

Obama is telling everyone how bad America is? I must have missed that somewhere in all the restoring the world's confidence in us nonsense he's been busy with.

Anonymous said...

what kevin is trying to say (maybe) is:

DON'T MAKE ME THINK! Just shout it at me in really simple words (a la glenn beck??) so I don't get so confused!!