Tuesday, September 01, 2009

West Bend Public Library Wins Wisconsin ProQuest Intellectual Freedom Award

Congratulations for those defending human dignity and the Enlightenment from those barbarians trying to crash the gates of our Republic, housed in the West Bend Library.

From West Bend Public Library Wins Wisconsin ProQuest Intellectual Freedom Award

In the wake of the ongoing controversy over select Young Adult books at the West Bend Community Memorial Library, the Intellectual Freedom Round Table of the Wisconsin Library Association has named Director Michael Tyree and Young Adult Librarian Kristin Pekoll, along with the other staff, members of the Library Board, supportive community members (especially blogger/organizer Maria Hanrahan), as winners of the 2009 Wisconsin ProQuest Intellectual Freedom Award.

The announcement can be found in the latest WLA newsletter (p. 11, authored by Elizabeth Buchanan and myself), and includes the following praise:

Our colleagues at West Bend Public Library were indeed tested. Going through any challenge requires commitment, professional integrity—and guts. It is a long mental and physical process and, with each day, a new commitment to the core values of intellectual freedom in our profession is required. Our colleagues met this challenge and, while this case may not be over, it is our hope that they can be proud of their actions and their firm standing in the face of strong controversy.

A not incidental irony: Protecting free speech protects the very same Christian Fundamentalists who attempted to ban free speech in the West Bend Library. In a strange way, this is a victory for the Maziarkas as well.



Stephanie said...

CONGRATS guys!!! this is awesome and encouraging!

Stephanie said...

CONGRATS guys! this is awesome and encouraging!

beesbess said...

Fantastic!! Well Deserved. Keep up the good work!!!

Quetsch said...

It is more than ironic, it is absurd. The Maziarkas' right to free speech does not include stating that the free speech rights of others should be abridged.