Saturday, September 12, 2009

Republicans trying to end Medicare too.

I imagine the baby boomers will eventually wake up and want to say something about this... oh yeah, they did. They elected the current President.

But just in case:


kevin scheunemann said...

Who didn't know this?

I would be pleasantly surprised if Republicans ever got "Medicare reform" done.

The...real story here is:


That shocks even me!

The left wing, government should obligate doctors to provide their services below market prices, blogaspheres must be going crazy over Obama on this one.

Obama, this A.M. is adopting the Republican, Joe Wilson, position on health care identification cards for illegals.

Mpeterson said...

Right now in states with only one insurance provider, Medicaid pays better than the insurance provider does.

End it? Nah, spread it. :)

kevin scheunemann said...


I assume we are talking about MA.

So what you are saying is:

The public health care option will be MORE EXPENSIVE than competition?

Doesn't this run counter to all the "alleged savings" Obama is talking about with the public option?

Are you shocked at Obama embracing Joe Wilson proposal on requiring health I.D.'s?

Isn't it great that Joe Wilson and Obama are "holding hands" on this issue? (Time to celebrate?)