Sunday, September 13, 2009

Library censor Ginny Maziarka, back in the blogs.

Hi everyone,

Ms. Maziarka shows up on my "West Bend" Google Alerts and, in the wake of someone giving her her own Memorial Library Censorship campaign coffee cup and refrigerator magnet at Cafe Press, here's a digest of some of the other local conversations.

From Sleepless in West Bend and Censorship-Free Libraries: Ethics Code?



wbneedssmartbloggers said...

How do you like her latest post? She took some philosophy student's blog post/comment from somewhere, and "tagged" it like this:

MarkPeterson MotleyCow UWWCProfessor.

I think signs are pointing to an impending meltdown on her part. Intelligence will rule the day, Ginny! No soup for you! Smell ya later! Thanks for making us laugh so much!

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

You might be interested her latest (re)post: "Why Philosophy is Stupid"

Mpeterson said...

I don't read her blog or Owen's but someone did send the link to the kid's anguished complaint.

There were a couple of really tragic aspects to Ginny's attempt at ridicule. First, it's a terrifically bad idea for her to make this personal. I've been nothing but cordial with her, personally and I can't see why she'd lash out like this if she weren't really hurt somehow.

Secondly, any student of mine would have constructed a much better argument for the idea that philosophy is stupid, plus, odds are they would have used proper English grammar while doing so.

More ironically, what Ginny doesn't know is that Socrates was, rather famously, not gay -- and certainly not in any sense of the term the knucklehead from Plano Texas she quotes would understand. And any student of mine would have known that, too.

I'm beginning to suspect, in fact, that Ginny is homophobic. Could that be true?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the writer should just drop the class. Maybe there's a online class at Liberty University or Regent. Larry T.

kevin scheunemann said...

"Peterson in Cyberspace: Can you be truly be existential with an internet that is indifferent about your indifference."

In all seriousness,

Mark you better start thinking about "getting into the capitalist system" with your teaching skills:

your favorite capitalist,

Mpeterson said...

The irony Kevin, as you should well remember, is that were we to return to the 19th century, subscription based system -- a market driven cost structure -- I'd be rich. :)

Hegel was my model for marketing to students.

Mpeterson said...

..wait a sec. You must not have had existentialism or you would have known that you can't be existential without an internet that's indifferent.

And now I'm trying to imagine a single surd of existentialism attempting entry to the mind of Rand. No room for anxiety in a world where A so easily equals A.

kevin scheunemann said...

I've been zinged!

If education was private you said,
"I'd be rich".

So the "public education system" is using your talents and holding your financial well being down? wonders where the incentives will go for talented doctors and nurses in a "public health option".

Shouldn't talented people like you be allowed to excel without the shackles of the "public bondage and servitude"?

Unless, of course, you a purely charitable.

In that case make check out to "cash", and send it to me.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

"I don't read her blog or Owen's..."

You're a better man than I. On the upside, they do get me fired up so that I can exercise at a much more intense pace!

Anonymous said...

hey kevin, for some people--believe it or not, its not all about the money.
p.s. take a shower, your wife will appreciate it.

kevin scheunemann said...


Thats what politics is all about: power.

Politicians only derive power by spending money.

Politics is about who gets their resources taken and who distributes those resources and to whom.

Thats what the health care debate is all about, the library debate is all about, and what the cash for clunkers program was all about. Who gets their money taken, and what politicians get to decide to do with it against the wishes of the "forced funders".

Government is NEVER a purely charitable act. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY. (Usually the disposing of and spending the hard work of others.)

Mark Peterson's job would not exist without the patronage of the political apparatus. He is not about to work for "free".

Being completely beholden to some nameless, faceless, government bureaucrat generates my need to take a shower.

Especially if I ever have to be beholden to government "servants" like the West Bend Library Director. (Did he really say Ald. Vrana is familiar with porn shops at a radical left wing fundraiser?)


I can hardly wait for Motely Cow to denounce the West Bend Library Director as "bad government".

Mpeterson said...

It's nice to see you agreeing the Chairman Mao.

And on your scale of values, Kev, I'm already working for charity. :D

kevin scheunemann said...

Chairman Mao? I have to figure out that "zinger". Does this mean I'm being secretly labeled a "thug"?

I see myself squarely against citizens being slaves to the government plantation (and the unacceptable free speech consequences that go with government funding.)

100% taxation is a subtle form of slavery.

"Free speech" will always be curtailed when you force people to fund unacceptable things via public taxation.

Private funding insures free speech. That does not happen under Chairman Mao.

Chairman Mao not only believed in tax rates close to 100%, but confiscation and nationalization of private property.

This strips away all power and money away from everyone except those in government. (The protected class)

Isn't "Chairman Peterson" far closer on issues of taxation and private property to Mao than I am? (Be honest)

With a capitalist system, you have the resources to counter all my "crazy" views.

And I thank Capitalism everyday to be able to comment on your "unique" views as well.

Protect free speech by protecting capitalism!

(Got you worked up yet?)

Mpeterson said...

Silly Rabbit, there's no such thing as Capitalism in America.

And I don't do 'zing.' The Mao reference was to your comment about power being the sole basis of politics.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, have you ever heard of "paragraphs"?

kevin scheunemann said...

I could agree on the "no such thing as capitalism in America".

But are we looking to get futher away from capitalism and the free market or closer to it?

Getting further away from capitalism seems to centralize power with government, which Chairman Mao, Stalin, and Castro proved very dangerous for the life expectency of the average worker.

Progressing further toward a free market, diseminates power away from thugs.

All one has to ask themselves, which way do the people flow when the countries "gates are down".

People flee socialism and left wing extremism toward countries with more capitalist tendancies.

Heck, all one has to do is look at Canadian health care. Canadians come here for health care! No one goes there!

Mpeterson said...

There must be a comfortable distance from capitalism. Why not look for the Pareto optimality? The Danes and Norwegians don't seem dangerously close to totalitarianism, for example, and yet they have better health care, live longer, and are, but recent measures, happier than we are. :)

Plus, Canadians (and the French for that matter) outlive us and have lower rates of infant mortality.

Mpeterson said...

... and just an after thought... going even closer to capitalism, ironically, gets us contemporary Russia -- where the moneyed capitalist class now runs the government without democratic restraint.

If only we could put together a government that would keep either extreme from happening. :)

Anonymous said...

"Being completely beholden to some nameless, faceless, government bureaucrat generates my need to take a shower."

no. you smell.

Anonymous said...

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