Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Illiteracy of Teabaggers and 9/12 Protesters

Some photos from last week's astroturf.

The Illiteracy of Teabaggers and 9/12 Protesters


DanBack said...

I didn't see any using "scandel" so I assume none of the guys in the photos were Kevin.

James Dionne said...

AGAIN, Mr. Petersen, you resort to calling these protesters a sophomoric sexual term. Grow up. Is it because you are scared they are right? I thought you supported lower taxes and less government interference in our lives as a Libertarian? If you have a legitimate argument to rebuff these good peoples point of views, please air them. If You truly are a proponent of freedom of speech, as you claim, you should be proud that these people took time to at least voice an opinion on an issue. But to call names and ridicule? To cherry pick out the people who are less informed and hold them up as examples of the whole? You have just proven to me you can be a hypocritical Ass, Mr. Peterson.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying only the Tea Partiers are capable of illiteracy?

If you look around the internet long enough (this only took me about 20 seconds to locate):

I'll assist - check out the 7th picture.

Mpeterson said...

Scared they're right? I know they aren't, in fact. What's frightening is that they believe they're right, despite any evidence to the contrary.

There is nothing sophomoric about this particular bit of language. To me it's a deadly serious bit of synchronistic symbolism: these people don't understand that they're participating in a kind of political burlesque. But I'm quite positive Viguerie and Weyerich would have understood it that way.

And it's not cherry picking if sample is the population being described. I have no desire to make judgments beyond the 30-50,000 people who provided the example last week.

But you do have me on impatience.

I confess to a certain measure of exhaustion with the sheer dumbness of the spoonfed lies these folks have been reiterating as a profession of faith.

I watched Mr. Sensenbrenner today do a rather admirable job replying constituents who wondered, in earnest, which federal agency is responsible for charging traitors like Mr. Obama with treason, whether he was an American citizen, and what we were going to do about the conspiracy to plant Planned Parenthood nurses in every school in America. I disagree with Mr. Sensenbrenner on a host of issues, but as a congressional rep, the man is a professional.

What's exhausting is the, apparently, futile effort to get these folks to see beyond the camouflage of a government power grab to those who have been using the government to facilitate the redistribution of wealth upwards.

That those folks and their agents have convinced these supposed tax-revolters, people who can't spell, to continue to assist those robbing them is, well, really tiring me out.

I'm a bit offended by them, in fact, on behalf of James Otis and Sam Adams... and I'm particularly offended by Glenn Beck's Leni Riefenstahlization of Tom Paine.

I guess I'd say that I'm opposed to government using taxation to concentrate the wealth in the hands of even fewer people -- that serves no good end economically. There has been not a drop of trickle down in 30 years, only trickle up.

What would Sam Adams have made of that?

And so, I may well be an ass but I am never remotely hypocritical.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Mr. Dionne is correct.

"Tea Bagger" is a sophomoric term.

When you have ACORN, a radical left organization wasting taxpayer money, embracing child prostitution in 5 different cities, Milwaukee child welfare babysitters getting rich by brazenly ripping off state taxpayers, and a cash for clunkers program, which was just a broken down taxpayer wreck...

People are sick of mindless government abuse and waste.

People do not want to be "worker slaves" to the government plantation, when the government "master" taxes and disposes the slave's labor in this manner.

I thought you were against systematic societal slavery?


Why would you advocate higher taxes and insult "tea party" protestors when there is such glaring examples of gross government waste and abuse?

As a "non-hypocritical" person, shouldn't your focus be on government accountability, not name calling those citizens helping you toward the goal of "community accountability and responsibility"?

Unless, of course, you are not consistent on denouncing bad government. (Only doing it when Republicans are in charge.)

You can admit it: you share a lot in common with tea party protestors!

You should be celebrating tea parties. Unless, of course, you celebrate child welfare robbing, child prostitution advocating, and clunker selling politicians....

Mpeterson said...

All I see here Kevin is that Democrats in Congress aren't as good as Republicans at siphoning money from the taxpayers into the pockets of their friends.

The rest of your comment looks like this: You're either in favor of tea baggers or you're in favor of child prostitution.

Oh wait, that's what you did say. :^)

There are alternatives to blindly following corporate interests into political bankruptcy and none of them involve celebrating child prostitution.

Other Side said...

When you have ACORN, a radical left organization wasting taxpayer money, embracing child prostitution in 5 different cities....

What was that you wrote about spoonfed lies, Mark? Is this fellow unable to come up with anything real?

Anonymous said...

Other Side

er... ackward... are you not aware as to why Congress pulled Federal support from ACORN last week?

Anonymous said...

30 to 50,000 people to the 9-12 event? My favorite comedian, Glenn Beck said a university did a study of the pictures and determined that the crowd was 1.3 million! Another fact check missed by Fox News, he couldn't remember what university. Larry T.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I'll agree Democrats are more incompetent at siphoning money to their friends.

Republicans need to be denounced for any "slick siphoning" as well.

We agree on denouncement of government in that aspect.

However, Republicans are not in control of Federal and State government at this time.

We don't want the Motely Cow to lose its "anti-government"/government accountability bite while Democrats are screwing things up.

Its fine to beat up on Sensenbrenner, Grothman as a critic once in a while, but what about some balance? You could start with tax cheat Charlie Rangel, the corrupt banker lobby poster boy commonly known as Chris Dodd, and that wacky State Democratic Party Chair?

These are just a few of the reasons the grassroots tea parties are occurring.

Why do you denounce/name call them when you share some of the government accountability goals in common?

Why don't you help address the issues? You could help disarm the tea party movement by giving tea party protestors less to complain about!

The real question is: will you admit that you are a closet "tea bagger"?

(I'll agree the ACORN either/or argument was devious, but its nothing a standard Democratic operative wouldn't do!)

DanBack said...

For Kevin:

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense."

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Did you see the "anti-globalization" protestors at G20 in Pittsburg?

I don't remember riot police, tear gas, and violence at tea parties. Nobody threw things at police and people were not arrested in mass.

Average Americans at tea parties can get together and protest without being criminals and using violence to make their political point.

What names will you use for these garden variety left wing protestors? Could I suggest some?

"Marxist oppressors"
"Wealth destroyers"
"Supporters of human starvation"

Just trying to help the Motely Cow be "fair and balanced" in its treatment of protestors.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Maybe this could be one of the things tea party protestors are upset about:

"Buy health care or go to jail"

After seeing this part of the Democratic health care proposal, the next question is:

Why aren't all of us at the tea party protest?

Obligating someone to do something against their will...when did that become part of the left wing manifesto?