Friday, September 18, 2009

I realize I've been too hard on Glenn Beck. We need to pray for him.

From Sojourners.

Take Action: Pray for Glenn Beck

Let's let Glenn Beck taste forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Great column today.

Quetsch said...

What a crock. Standard answer to "I'll pray for you": "Deal. You pray for me, I'll think for you."

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Those that pray...ergo, don't think?

I could point to many examples of those that don't pray that don't think as well.

Prayer does not preclude thinking, thinking does not preclude prayer.

Although, I would agree, Glenn Beck is a little "over the top" many times.

Quetsch said...

Kevin S. said: "Those that pray...ergo, don't think?"

Absolutely. Consider:

If you are a believer, you believe in a God who is a supernatural, omnipresent and omniscient Supreme Being and who exists out of time and space.

What, then, is the purpose of your prayer? Are you asking for something to be granted? But you can not pray: "Please, God, do not let my mother die". God already knows when, where and how your mother will die. The Muslims are one step closer to logic when they say "It is written".

Are you just conversing with God? But when people converse, one person conveys to the other a thought that was not yet in the other person's mind. If God is aware of all your thoughts, you can not "talk" to Him, can you see that?

I am not saying that people who pray never think. I am saying that when they start praying, they must stop thinking.

And: Beck is not a little over the top, he's blown his top.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So if I were to pray to the "global warming gods", (like Al Gore) I'm not thinking either?

Or does the global warming religion have a better, more favored, set of "gods"?

Quetsch said...

Kevin, don't be insulting. Global warming is not a religion. A religion is a belief in a supernatural power. Global warming is a fact. Oh, hell, I quit.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So you don't have any "faith" in the accuracy of the facts scientists use to purport global warming?

If you don't have "faith" in the accurcy of the global warming "facts", how can you say its scientific fact?

What about worshiping Obama?

Does that mean I'm not thinking either?

I've been told that he's the "messiah"...