Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help Joe Wilson, retire.

Hi everyone,

Joe Wilson helping his opponent in the next election. You can help too.

Check out: Left Take



Anonymous said...

At least someone called Obama out

Mpeterson said...

Just the way he called out Strom's illegitimate daughter.

You believed Mr. Bush when he said there was uranium in Iraq, too, didn't you?

PaulyW said...

It's always civil to boo and heckle Bush but never tell the truth about Obama. Get over yourselves.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Pauly: Please show me video of a member of congress interrupting, let alone booing or heckling, President Bush during a speech in the Capital Building.

You straw man hath fallen.

kevin Scheunemann said...

I will not defend his interrupting the president.

But, the "friday night document dump" by the Obama administration proves Joe Wilson correct!

Obama was lying in his speech about coverage of illegal immigrants!

Joe Wilson's decorum can be criticized, but he was factually correct!


If you are going to criticize this Joe Wilson's public decorum, (which I do) one should be calling out the West Bend Library director's decorum. (which I do as well)

PaulyW said...

Concerned? Do you live in a bubble? It was reported on last week.

Unless you doubt the reporters and claim they too lie.