Sunday, August 02, 2009

A reminder: the Dirty Effing Hippies were right.

From YouTube.

In deference to the Maziarka's, no one under 18 should watch this... unless they'd like a message from the people they were 35 years ago.

Greed is still the central problem. Take care of that and everything else falls into place.

And for those now over 30, brimming with the self-righteous indignation of Christianity on a full stomach, you'll have to figure out whether Abby Hoffman was right about us.



wbman said...

This is a side-issue, but I always felt that Abbie Hoffman was a self-absorbed narcissist who wasted his potential on buffoonery and drugs.

Mpeterson said...

Whoops, my bad on Abbie's first name.

Um, yeah. There is a point about the narcissism... except you have to remember why he turned himself in to the FBI after he'd successfully avoided capture for all those years -- he'd become famous as a local upstate NY environmental activist and he figured they'd find him after his pseudonymous picture appeared with Pat Moynihan in the local paper. :)

But the older I get, the more sure I am that he was right about not trusting anyone over 30.

Anonymous said...

for what it is worth, right now i am stealing your website!
Look for it on amazon kindle.
that's cool, right?

Mpeterson said...

lol. All I ever ask for is a footnote and a cup of coffee. You'll also have to donate 10% of your profits to charity.

Distance Relative said...

BTW, not only is your stolen website going to appear on Amazon kindle, we are going to steal Amazon kindles!

Ah, the 21st century.

Don't you love it?

Abbie is dead;Long live Abbie!!!

(Also, Mark, i really would like to take you up on a cup of coffee, an exchange of ideas, but if you know me, it won't happen until the next life, i am thinkin',pretty sure.)

Although personally I prefer tea>O,

Oh, and also, exchanging words and ideas for drugs-God I hope the MAN never figures that one out or we would all be incarcerated.

Mpeterson said...


Post up your email address -- I won't publish it to the blog -- and we'll grab some coffee.

wbneedsmartbloggers said...

I grew up in that era, enjoyed the clip. But "the .... Hippies were right" - maybe right on some things, maybe wrong on some things too. Back in the pre-digital clock era there was a saying that "even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day".