Monday, August 31, 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong on campaign finance reform.

Hi everyone,

Glenn doesn't think there's a problem with how we elect judges. He does, of course, whenever a judge he doesn't like gets elected... but lately, it's mainly been happy time for Glenn.

In the meantime, from the Superior Telegram: Campaign finance reform needed, but will it happen?
Then there was Sen. Glen Grothman, R-West Bend, who claimed none of his constituents thought the high court was corrupt and asked for examples. It was like he was calling Kreitlow’s concerns blasphemy, even treason!

That was the first moment I realized Grothman has such high self-regard that he actually thinks we will believe the nonsense he spouts. I was wondering who paid Grothman to speak in favor of the status quo.

Kreitlow’s response was sublime: He evenly mentioned that in many cases justices have been asked to recuse themselves because of campaign contributions from parties involved in a case coming before the court.

I know of more than a few of his constituents who believe there's a problem.... but apparently none of them are constituents who matter to him.



wbman said...

As an aside, what was Glenn talking about in Friday's WB News? "You can... eat the best burgers and brats and Hungarian food all night long". Did anyone tell him he was at GERMANFEST?

PaulyW said...

Why does it take so much money to run for office? What a total waste. That money could be put to better use. Tell you what, lets all just decide the next time we get a political party request for money, we send it to the food bank. Then we more outside ad money. Lets elect people the old fashion way. Find out what they stand for and make your judgement that way.

kevin Scheunemann said...


I hate to interupt the pressing political topic of the Grothman Hungarian Brat scandel, but...

When are you going to post an article on the Obama "cash for clunkers" program?

Will you come down on the side of...
Pure government genius or typical government clunker?

Mpeterson said...

Hey Kevin,

It's been too disheartening watching a store bought Congress dismantling what started off as pretty good ideas.

I come down on the clunker side of that one... just as I'm landing on the clunker side of the current attempts at health care ... except for HR 676, which is too simple and obvious to pass.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Prof. Peterson denouncing bad government!

I'm going to have savor the moment.

I'm sure you are on record denouncing the "secret" Bush wiretaps somewhere.

How about Obama's proposed "emergency" takeover of the internet? (That would make another great blog article---Prof. Peterson defending intellectual freedom.)

HR 676 seems way more complicated than the government execution of the "clunkers" program---which has been an execution failure.

Clunkers seems simple by comparison to HR 676. Government incentive. Government writes a check. Only 7% of clunker checks have been issued to dealers as of this date. Looks like a big waiting line to me.

What makes one think Washington politicians can execute a 1000 times more complicated HR 676 better and more efficiently than the clunkers program?

I don't find the "clunkers program" at all efficient. (In terms of purpose and delivery.)

(Isn't this better than the Hungarian Brat scandel?)

Mpeterson said...

Grin, nonsense. I denounced bad government for the past 30 years -- ever since the voodoo economists took sway in Washington. I'm sorry to say I missed the Obama seizing control of the internet story. :^)

So, you're saying your don't provide insurance for your employees? :^)

I'm profoundly suspicious of the Congress members... especially those topped off with over $100k of campaign contributions from the insurance industry, a lot from both parties. I just assume they're finding ways to take more of it home.

But I suppose the thing that continues to amaze me this abiding belief in a free market I'm seeing everywhere. And because I've never seen a free market, I still trust even the government more than the CEO of Humana with my health care. :^)

kevin scheunemann said...

The bookless library. (Per our discussion awhile back.),2933,547021,00.html?test=latestnews

Kevin Scheunemann