Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Republican: woes within.

Hi everyone,

A dog with a bone.

That's all I can think of to say.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that lady took a bit too far... but it is a requirement to become present that you must be a natural born citizen. If we don't implement a guideline that requires proof, who's to say that a candidate is actually meeting the requirements.

I really don't see the big deal. If I order a drink, I have to show my ID. If I apply for a credit card, I have to give up all sorts of information. I need my birth certificate to get a work permit when I was 15... why shouldn't a presidential candidate have to prove that he meets the constitutional guidelines.

Like I said, it is not as important to me as it was to the wackos in the video... but why is there so much opposition? Are there other ways to prove that someone is a natural born citizen?

Mpeterson said...

Obama had to do that before anyone, much less a major political party, would go ahead with an election. His birth was certified by the state of Hawaii. End of story.

But you ask the really interesting question which is, why do people insist -- despite the evidence -- that he's not naturally born or, something louder during the election, that he's an Islamic terrorist?

Because these people are wing nuts, that's why. :^)

On the other hand, maybe the truth is that the Republican leadership has lost touch with its base.

Anonymous said...

Sadly enough you're right. The GOP lost touch with its base a long time ago, and only confirmed it with hard evidence the moment the allowed McCain to run on their ticket.

It was almost embarassing to watch him running against Obama, and I was really sad that for the first time in my voting career I felt like I lost regardless of who won the White House.

Mpeterson said...

For me it was the first time since 1980 I felt like my vote was worthwhile for the country.

With any luck, the Republicans will pick Ms. Palin to represent their worldviews in 2012.

Anonymous said...

So with President Obama's approval rating currently being very near the bottom in comparison to the last 12 presidents (He's in tenth) Are you currently happy with how he has lead the country thus far?

PaulyW said...


I can not predict who will be the conservative voice and candidate for the president.....but I can say that if there is a fair election, BO better be afaid. Not everybody is hanging their hat on the current Presidents credentials as his downfall. His credibility will be his downfall. You can't tax us back to the dark ages and expect not to get some reprisals. His only saving grace will be the fools that fell for his hope and change...they (Acorn) will do their best to buy another election.

Mpeterson said...

Hm. Obama's approval rating low compared to other Presidents at this point? Odd you should say that. Gallup has him ahead of most recent presidents:

I'm one of the happy ones -- although some days I can't tell if I'm actually happy, or just relieved.

Anonymous said...


Mpeterson said...

Grin. Delirium was reserved for the Reagan years. Oh, and Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mentioned Gallop, because apparently thats where USAToday got their information from...

Anonymous said...

"Obama had to do that before anyone, much less a major political party, would go ahead with an election. His birth was certified by the state of Hawaii."

Prove it

Mpeterson said...

Prove it?

Do you mean inductively or deductively?

I know, too mean.

Okay, inductively then:

this doesn't prove it for ya?

Mpeterson said...

... of course, now that it took me nearly 25 seconds to come up with a gazillion google hits verifying the President's American citizenship, it occurs to me that Anonymous here isn't going to be convinced by any evidence whatsoever.

Scoundrel, you stole 25 seconds my life because you're lazy. Sinner.


Anonymous said...

If you believe everything that you find on Google, then you would obviously know that Obama is a terrorist (just kidding of course) :-)

What I want to know is WHY people are still complaining if the proof is right there. The "wing nuts" explanation doesn't satisfy me!

Anonymous said...

It was a good 25 seconds and well worth it, the proof is there if you are willing to look, read, and see.

Question is while you're looking for proof of birth what are you not looking for that you should? Wing nuts misdirection: More conservative judges, more wing nut laws, more wing nut book burning.... I appreciate the seconds. Keep going.

Mpeterson said...

Grin! It is too difficult to make blogspeak satisfactorily and transparently ironic.

Wingnuts doesn't do it for ya? Hmm.

The alternative is to go fully into the conspiracy theory universe... as our next poster did and suggest that all of this is a distraction to keep us from noticing that the Democrats themselves are now stalling out on health care and that someone let (Wisconsin) Justice Gableman actually write an opinion last week.

Eeek. The wingnut thing doesn't keep me up like the conspiracy distraction theory does.

Is that sufficient condition for accepting one over the other?

Anonymous said...

I've found all the misdirection I need to in the current president and our governor.

Just wait... at the end of this four years, we will be questioning why anyone ever voted for Obama.

Mpeterson said...

isn't that what we always do?

what I'm thinking about these days, however, is that the executive branch of government doesn't create or pass laws.