Thursday, July 02, 2009

Red Alert! Library Board meets legally: Part Deux.

Hi everyone,

The Daily News reports that, following the Red Alert: Library Board Meets Legally! warning from our colleague Owen Robinson over at Boots and Sabers, and the remarkably quick -- and adolescent -- diatribe from from Mark Belling ....

-- nothing happened.

The library board checked the city attorney's legal ruling with a second attorney at no cost to anyone, and now it's back to business as usual.

And for this Senor Belling puts on a little insulin crash for us? Nice. Maybe it's too much sugar in his diet.

Here's an excerpt from the The Daily News report:
Schanning’s e-mail also pointed out that it was inappropriate for a city official to publicly release an internal email she wrote June 15, which appeared verbatim later that same day on the Boots and Sabers blog run by Owen Robinson, a Daily News columnist.

That e-mail was sent to Library Board trustees, Tyree, Mayor Kristine Deiss and the Common Council aldermen. Making that e-mail public violated attorney-client privilege, Schanning said.

The June 17 e-mail, which discussed the Library Board’s June 18 special meeting agenda, was sent by Schanning at 2:32 p.m. It appeared on the Boots and Sabers blog at 9 p.m. that same day, then was picked up by at least one other local blog, and by a Milwaukee radio personality June 18.
So, some naughty new member of the library board wasn't only Owen's snitch, but actually violated attorney-client privilege. Good thing whoever it is has friends like Messrs. Robinson and Belling. I'm sure they'll put up bail.

I guess the real lesson for our young people is that it is possible to go off half-cocked, insult people you don't know, make claims about social and economic structures without any experience or education, and still get paid a lot of money to do all of this on TV -- or start thinking about running for political office.



Anonymous said...

Why do you think the "snitch" was a Library Board member? The word (but speculative, wink-wink) on my "street" is that it was a certain alderman. And I don't think Terry Vrana does email, so do the math. Open Records Request, anyone? See if any of the City emails were forwarded (i.e,, to a personal account).

Mpeterson said...

... ah, quite so. Owen loves transparency in government so I'm sure he'll share his source with whoever asks first.

Other Side said...

Owen thinks he a 21st century 007. Don't forget how badly he was used in Copiergate.

Kristina said...

Have you seen this?
The following is a comment left on Boots and Sabers. It is Ginny's response to the question "are these books in the schools?"
It is very clear the next move she is preparing to make. Just an FYI...
[quote]"YES, Smeety. They sure are. Lots of ‘em. The school board is so afraid that they began trying to figure out how to build a case against WBCFSL when we come their way. My ORR shows them frantically putting out the APB to other WI public school librarians to compile lists and compare. Essentially, they did all the work for us. I have the lists. This is factual. They even asked the Milwaukee Public Schools how they deal with these issues. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! AS IF. Sure hope they don’t think that just because other public schools have ‘em, we have to have ‘em, too. Our schools, our kids, our tax money, our choice. This whole thing of having other people sneak low-class, offensive, sexually-explicit and sex-based materials into our libraries, both city and public school, is quite disturbing. The citizens are becoming more and more educated and fired up about this issue as they realize how they are being duped. "

Posted by GAMazy on July 06, 2009 at 1539 hrs

Mpeterson said...

And the beat goes on.

MorninStar said...

The vitriol & hatred that spews from that woman's mouth makes me ill. It annoys the bajaysus out of me that she feels that she is speaking as if she owns the community and that the rest of us have no rights/opinions.

I say, wipe the dust off your sandals & move on.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...

We are for free speech and intellectual freedom, except public records under the Wisconcin Open Records law?

Why do these emails need to hide behind attorney-client priviledge?

Mpeterson said...

Because some of their email use was unrelated to the library. Those emails are not covered by open records requests... but they checked to make sure.