Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready or Not...They're Gay: book signing at Fireside Books on Aug. 1st.

Hi everyone,

More fuel for the library discussion.

Some friends over at Fireside Books asked me to post up a press release for them:


On Saturday, August 1, Fireside Books and Gifts in West Bend will host the authors of a book that everyone in the area should read.

In light of the controversy that has enflamed passions on both sides of the censorship issue and led to the non-reappointment of public library board members, this is an opportunity for community members to look at one aspect of the issue from the viewpoint of a couple who speak from very real personal experience.

Paul and Hjordy Wagner know what it’s like to have a child come out of the sexual orientation closet. In fact, they’ve had that experience not once, but twice. Both of their sons are gay. Their book Ready or Not…They’re Gay tells the story of their acceptance of their sons’ sexual identities and encourages others--in a non-confrontational and loving way--to come to the same acceptance of gay and lesbian young people in our society.

The Wagners--who live in Eau Claire--embraced their sons’ sexuality immediately, but they soon realized that for many other families the transition is not easy or smooth. Many young gay people today--if they muster the courage to come out to their families at all--are ostracized, even abandoned, by their loved ones. Ready or Not… attempts to equip other families with the attitude and compassion to help them accept the news of a gay child or loved one in a healthy, positive way.

In addition to the Wagners’ personal experience, the book includes a range of perspectives from their circle of family and friends. It offers sensible guidance for parents and teachers of gay students and provides suggestions from the GLBT community on how to make the coming-out conversation more loving and sincere.

The event on August 1 will begin at 10:30 a.m. The Wagners will begin with a short talk and then answer questions from the audience. Afterwards they will sign copies of their book.

Those interested in attending should call the store (at 262-334-1444) to reserve a seat. Fireside Books and Gifts is located at 1331 West Paradise Drive, between Wal-Mart and Office Max.



wbneedssmartbloggers said...

So, will this event turn into an opportunity for Ginny & crew to show that this whole controversy really has always been an anti-gay thing, not library materials?

Here's throwing down a gauntlet to Ginny & crew - feel free to make asses out of yourselves this weekend. Perhaps some of the LGBT community that have been monitoring the controversy in West Bend will be motivated to participate in our July 4th parade next year (I think in honor of our veterans, this should not be done at the Memorial Day parade).

Imagine a bunch of "Gay Pride" activists marching in the parade, maybe before or after Ginny's float. I have never witnessed a Gay Pride Parade (I do live in West Bend), but I know sometimes the participants caricaturize noteworthy people. Some could dress up as Mark Belling or Ginny Maziarski. How about a trio of gay men marching as Alderpersons Tony Turner/Terry Varana/"Ditto What Turner Voted" Hutchkins? Or two men walking hand-in-hand (look kids!) dressed in Texas A & M Corps of Cadet uniforms - the whole works - jodphurs & senior boots (hey, leather, whoopee! Don't need to dress up like that Village People cowboy).

Oftentimes, Ginny tells us about "intimidation" tactics. If she has any intelligence, she will take this as it is meant to be, intimidating. The ball is in her court now - for every action (i.e, making fools of us on Saturday) there is a reaction (see paragraphs 2 & 3 of this comment).

PaulyW said...

What else can we expect but insults. You just could not resist dragging people through the mud because you don't agree with them.

Grow up.

John Foust said...

Did somebody say boots?

Eema-le said...

I really don't understand why this riles up WBC4SL. This is a privately owned business. No one's tax dollars are supporting this book signing, and since Ginny has no problem with teh gay it shouldn't bother her. Right?

I'm just sorry that I won't be able to attend.

wbneedssmartbloggers said...

Hey, Mama don't preach, PaulyW. You are right about that, Gizzy should stop "dragging people through the mud" (and the community) - she certainly cornered the local market on that one. Last quick & dirty count by me, she has slandered 17 individuals, 4 institutions/government agencies, 3churches, 1 retail business, and an infinite number of community members who have not jumped on her "crazy train".

MorninStar said...

I have to agree with what others have stated. The first thing that came to my mind (well, no.. the second thing) after reading Maziarka's comments in the paper today was.. 'Huh, why would she find the book signing at Fireside so threatening? I am sure the couple who wrote this book about their sons didn't write a pornographic book.'

But then, I am being disingenuous.. I knew the issue isn't about 'pornography' at all but about hatred, pure hatred.. and they front their hate with religion. *shakes head*

PaulyW said...

The library crowd makes it about gays. Would anybody put Penthouse in the young adult section of the library? The stuff in those books is porn. It should be in the adult section of the library. And the feeble attempt to say that it should not be labeled etc...What a crock. Just walk into a C-Store and see how they have the porn mags covered and on the top shelf and out of site. The authors of these book have written porn and it should be moved to the adult section. But you don't get it. Why don't you just had your kids porn mags when they are 7, thats certainly ok by your standards. The crap in those books can not even be read over the air. Duh....don't you get it? Naw, its all not admiting you are wrong and you do that by attacking those people who have some moral standards.

Kristina said...

OK I am laughing like I haven't in a long time about your comment. I lived in So Cali for a number of years and never attended a gay pride parade but they were always featured on the news. The alderman, dressing up ROLF
Those walking in the parade dressing as Ginny or Belling oh hell my sides are hurting. Too funny!!!
By the way count me as one who has been Ginny - ized, remember her wording on the one who filed the ethics complaint against Vranna? Yup that was me... She alluded that I am crazy IE: mentally ill. LOL

Hannah said...

The Wagner's have done a great thing penning this book! I am sure it will help other parents with similar situations.

Hopefully the publication will also help spread their attitude of love and acceptance of diversity, opening the eyes of some individuals that have never had connection with the LGBT community.

It has been getting a lot of attention, which is awesome.

You can read one of the articles written about it on Volume One's website here:


Rolf said...

I am bereft-- and a little verklempt. But when I come to think about it I guess I am proud. I got "poofed" by Ginny. Yes, she has banned me. I know it was because I got too close to the truth. Want to see the post that removed? Sort of like reading a banned book, isn't it? It may be too long to fit here so I'll try it in my next post. Ginny thought it was about her (isn't everything about her?) but it was really about this weirdo who was president of the PFOX Board of Directors. You know-- PFOX the site where you can go to see gays cured of their sexual orientation. The site where Ginny cut and pasted her form letter to the library asking for more ex-gay literature.
Mr. Richard A. Cohen claimed to be a therapist who could "cure" people of their gayness. Here's the good parts. Five links. The firrst is to the Wikipedia discussion of Mr. Cohen. The next three are Mr. Cohen demonstrating his techniques on national TV. The first is CNN and Paula Zahn, the next is Jimmy Kimmel, and the last is the Daily Show. The videos are both hilarious and icky, creepy at the same time. He is such a fool and idiot that he can't even tell when people are mocking him.
the last is a post from PFOX showing that he is still (as of May of 2009) affiliated with and supported by them. They endorse and promote his latest seminar.





Rolf said...

This is what got me "poofed."
A cause dear to Ginny's heart. Ginny is protesting a book about parents who love their two sons. The couple is not gay-- maybe not even pro-gay-- but they are pro "their own two sons." I guess "family friendly" isn't what she is all about. Ginny is a fan of the web site PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-gays-- and Gays) Her original complaint letter to the Library Board was cut and pasted from a form letter on that site. When caught, she had to admit it, but she said she was just getting "professional guidance" from experts in the field. Sounds sort of like the ALA for homophobes.
Well, let's just see how "professional" PFOX is. Let's focus on a man named Richard Cohen. He wasn't just a casual observer of the site-- he was at one time President of their Board of Directors. President-- mind you! Mr. Cohen has held himself out for many years as a "therapist" for ex-gays, claiming a high rate of cures. He has some sort of degree in counseling, but no training or qualifications in this form of therapy. He made up the therapy all on his own. He has never been licensed anywhere, and the only counseling association he ever wangled his way into, expelled him for unethical behavior. See his short bio on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Richard A. Cohen
Although the bio is shocking, it is nothing compared to his sick and perverted counseling techniques. Two of his favorite techniques are to have the patient slam a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming things like, "Mom, why did you do this to me? Or, "I hate my parents!" That's pretty nasty, but the "icky" part is when he engages in "cuddle" therapy. He has the patient sit on his lap while Cohen hugs and cuddles and says soothing things. I am not kidding. The guy is so clueless and weird that he demonstrated these techniques on national TV THREE times. First was on CNN with Paula Zahn.
Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel live, cuddling with the boxer, George Foreman. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FOTYFXZb rE&feature=playlist&p=F3A7B2E6A0C605DC&playnext=1&playnext from=PL&index=15 And finally, the most ridiculous of all on the Daily Show with John Stewart. http://thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-March-19-2007/diagnosis--mystery-pt--2
When you watch you first feel icky, then embarrassed, then angry and finally you laugh at the fool. He doesn't even get the fact he is being made fun of--- after the third try. After the Daily Show fiasco PFOX kicked him off the Board of Directors, but now PFOX has made up and as late as May of this year advertising his seminars on their web site. See http://pfox.org/Richard-Cohen-national-tour.html
These are Ginny's experts. Have some fun. Watch the videos. Judge for yourself.