Friday, July 31, 2009

God breaks promise to Man

Something else for the holy crusaders against moral turpitude. Maybe some of them will join others of their kind to exhibit Christlike compassion at Saturday's book signing in West Bend.

I have faith.

From illusory tenant: God breaks promise to Man

WAUSAU -- A central Wisconsin man charged with killing his daughter by praying instead of taking her to a doctor read from the Bible while testifying Thursday that he couldn't seek medical help without disobeying God.

"I can't do that because Biblically, I cannot find that is the way people are healed," Dale Neumann told the jury. "If I go to the doctor, I am putting the doctor before God. I am not believing what he said he would do."

Maybe after he gets out of prison Dale can help to get the library closed in West Bend.


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beesbess said...

I think the case of this father and the library protestors is different in certain ways. Dale truly believed that he would pray and his daughter would be healed. Wrong, yes, but acting in faith in god and that this was the best way to care for his daughter and serve god at the same time. The WBCFSL is acting out of fear of the gay community and using the slogan "protect the children" as a cover while they try to eliminate anything that might help the kids in your community understand who they are. I would be interested in an interview with Dale in about 5 years- to see how he feels about god then.
Have you read "Losing my Religion" by William Lobdell? Former sports writer, became born again christian, prayed for a job on the religion beat, got it, and through that became an aethist. It's not a "basher" book. The author struggled wtih the corruption he saw in organized religion and couldn't reconcile that with the god he knew. I wonder if Dale will at some point look at what he did and ask himself some of those questions.