Thursday, July 02, 2009

Abstinence based education's Main Accomplishment: unsafe sex.

One of my bugaboos with fundamentalist, Old Testament, Christianity.

Unprotected Sex: Abstinence Education's Main Accomplishment

For more data and less preaching, check The Guttmacher Institute.



Anonymous said...

Thats ok, have a child out of wedlock, because the State or the Fed will pay you handsomly to continue the practice of baby-making. Morals were thrown out by the government, and the church keeps trying to bring them back. I am sick and tired of the government condoning immoral activity.

Mpeterson said...

And what, exactly, is immoral about having a child outside of wedlock? ... especially if you've been systematically kept from understanding how your own reproductive biology works?

Seems to me that people who intentionally keep kids from understanding how their biology works are more morally culpable than a 15 year old who acts on the imperatives of his or her own, human, biology.

And living on welfare strikes you as a handsome wage?

apc said...

Boy hidy, anon, that may be a world record for most ill-informed myths crammed into one short paragraph. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

apc you are a moron. I get to choose what I feel is immoral. Having kids out of wedlock is immoral and we reward it with government dollars...great idea.

Mpeterson said...

You do get to feel what you want to.. but feelings can never be right or wrong -- only on or off.

That's exactly the major challenge... people feeling their way toward what is and is not immoral rather than thinking it through. Old problem but, fortunately, there are also old and well tested solutions.

J Storms said...

MP is right - "...people who intentionally keep kids from understanding how their biology works are more morally culpable than a 15 year old...".
And so are those who teach children the legitimacy of engaging "freely" in sexual activity at such an age.
The successfully imposed ideology of the sexual revolution is what has produced our current crisis in teen sexual activity - abstinence only education is an afterthought to such (say what you will of the afterthought).
Perhaps it is those "ideals" that we need to be rethinking?

Mpeterson said...

There is nothing wrong with teaching people that they can have biological functions without feeling shame and guilt about it. What is wrong is teaching that you can avoid shame and guilt and responsibility for your actions.

But is teaching people that their sexuality is normal and healthy an ideology? It surely must look like that if you believe sexual repression is more natural than sexual maturity.