Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Library board rejects restrictions - JSOnline

Hi everyone,

Um, duh.

Library board rejects restrictions

What I'm left trying to understand is this: every issue in the complaint has been dealt with by Supreme Court rulings stretching back decades -- and rejected.

Why doesn't that seem to matter?

Would pointing at the last 8 years be too easy?



Eema-le said...

When the Constitution doesn't matter to people any court ruling based on the Constitution doesn't matter. It was obvious from the comments at the meeting that the people who signed WBCFSL's petition want biblical law here in the US.

Anonymous said...

When a community has deep enough pockets, and enough of a nucleus of fervent supporters to force issues to court, that is when they try once again to make the constitution read the way they wish it to, not the way it is.

Follow the money from outside the community to see how they tie up a community’s assets and energy in a losing fight, research who these outsiders are, find out where they’ve done this before and the results. When they lose once again they simply move on to another community and try again. Your average taxpayer in West Bend is the loser. In the mean time they set the agenda, they get all the publicity they wish, and this small nucleus of people are vocal and savvy enough to be seen by local officials as the majority when in actuality they are very few. If the folks who started this had to pay the bill when they lose we'd be better off. Now you’re in a situation where the elected officials have made errors and are feeling pressure to act by this small group who has an agenda of their own and they don’t care about what the community needs. The elected officials should simply re-think their position, consult with legal counsel to figure out how to reverse their poor choice, follow legal counsel and this will all go away with little fanfare.

Jason Haas said...

The story keeps getting deeper, and more interesting.... I've linked to your blog for the excellent back story on this whole charade. I'm glad you're helping document it!

Anonymous said...

Another Saturday and no article from you in the West Bend News. Last week they said it was technical difficulties. Have you been censored too? Larry T.

Mpeterson said...

Hey Larry,

I have no idea. Last week the person I sent the column to went on vacation and they couldn't find the copy. This week? I have no idea.

I imagine I'll find out eventually!