Monday, June 15, 2009

From Sensenbrenner Watch: Hard times for the Sensenbrenners

It's so tough these days for our wealthier Congressmen.

Sensenbrenner Watch: Hard times for the Sensenbrenners


PaulyW said...

Herb Kohl (D-Wis) - 2007
Net Worth: From $149,443,028 to $251,647,996
Ranks 2nd among all members
of the Senate. Credit to

Did we forget that Herb may be in trouble too? Lets feel sorry for Herb today.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the purpose of this is, other than perhaps to prove that Sensenbrenner is a pauper compared to Senator Herb Kohl (D) - now Kohl's the guy with the big financial manhood!! Either has so much money he is immune from economic downturns, or maybe he just doesn't need to know or care. I mean, Kohl had adjusted income of 4.9M & paid $206,100 Fed tax/$113,500 State tax. He declined to provide his net worth to the Milwaukee Journal. A different philosophy than this:

"Sensenbrenner says he discloses his financial information "down to the penny as I believe in full transparency in government."

Sensenbrenner reports net worth of 8.9Million, Forbes estimates that Kohl's Milwaukee Bucks team is worth $278M & his ranch is worth between $5M and $25M.

But the problem with this kind of stuff is it conflicts with the popular world view that the Republicans have all the wealth. Kind of hard for Kohl to be "of the common people" if people knew he was the wealthiest elected official from Wisconsin.

Sorry to interrupt,keep on believing!

Mpeterson said...

Which one votes to support the common good? That's all I need to know. :^)

PaulyW said...

Depends on what you call good and what I call good.

Herb supports abortion. Not very good in my opinion

Mpeterson said...

Herb votes routinely for economic justice and for individual liberty -- that people rather than the government should make decisions about reproductive health.

... and that works for me.

John Jost, West Bend said...

All I know is that every time I send Sensenbrenner a few words, his answer sums up as "You think so, but I'm in here and I don't, so f*** you."

PaulyW said...

You call it Reproductive Health....because it is sterilizes the reality. It makes it sound so harmless. It's abortion and that works for me.
Economic Justice for all, the great socialist way...lets ask Herb to distribute all his money to the poor. Think he would do it????

Anonymous said...

Going against party colleagues and joining Democrats in protecting voter's rights isn't for the "common good", whatever that is?

Somewhere I read a comment to the effect that "common good" sounds like the brand name for a candy bar or something. Democrat politician to constituent: "here's your Common Good candy, courtesy of me. More goodies to follow, I am sure. Thanking you in advance for your vote."

Mpeterson said...

It isn't about distribution, it's about what's fair. Sen Kohl, like other Americans in his tax bracket are paying taxes at the same rates they did under Reagan now... and you're paying less. How is that a problem for you? :)

Mpeterson said...

lol... I was going to quote the Constitution and say "promote the general Welfare" but simply assumed that my more conservative readers would claim the Constitution is socialist propaganda and then the conversation would simply stop.

-- wait, does that mean the Constitution *is* a socialist document??