Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The ethics complaint against Ald. Vrana.

Hi everyone,

One of our neighbors was sufficiently annoyed with Mr. Vrana's comments during the council meeting at which he's quoted as saying that he didn't care about library policies, he just wanted the books removed, that she's filed an ethics complaint. Here it is:

The complaint to ethics committee



PaulyW said...

We champion free speech in the name of library books, yet when the same free speech is applied to what the alderman has to say, somebody that disagrees with his comments files a complaint. Guess there is a double standard. Vote the alderman out of office if you don't like him, but he has free speech rights as well.

Mpeterson said...

Ald Vrana has the right to say anything he likes... but there are standards against which free speech can be judged. In the case of the library, there's all that Constitutional case law which restricts all sorts of things -- child pornography, for instance, is not protected by the First Amendment. Ald Vrana's comments can be judged by the standards of the city's code of ethics.

Which is what they'll do.

Where's the double standard?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do champion free speech in library books. Mr. Vrana has his right of free speech too. When Mr. Vrana is Ald. Vrana he is bound by laws of all elected officials. He took a oath to uphold those laws.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Vrana's constitutionally-protected free speech rights as an individual are distinct (both in practice and as a matter of law) from his duties as an elected official. This is codified in the city's own code of ethics:

They are bound to
uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State and carry out
impartially the laws of the nation, State and the City and to observe in their official acts the
highest standards of morality and to discharge faithfully the duties of their office regardless
of personal considerations,
recognizing that the public interest must be their prime concern.