Friday, June 19, 2009

Boots and Sabers calls for Red Alert! over Library Board.

Hi everyone,

Consider this a red alert… The West Bend Library Board has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow evening.

My Hare-Krishna-Hare-Milton-Friedman-devotee colleague on the Daily News editorial page, Owen Robinson, just issued a "red alert" over at Boots and Sabers -- because the Library Board called a meeting to discuss getting separate legal advice.

He's worried they might get sued, and that therefore the city would get sued. A reasonable worry, except that he's a few months late.

He should have been worrying about whether the Library Board would succumb to the pressure of those religious groups and move the books.

It's a good thing they didn't because that would have precipitated law suits a plenty -- I was even planning to file one -- which the city would have lost. I was thinking about using my winnings to pay Owen's property taxes for the next 10 years -- but it looks like he's out of luck for now.

Still, there's time: it looks like the county board has bent to the pressure from these religious groups and will be seating some Library Board members of its own.

If those new members decide to monkey around, as these religious groups intend, the lawsuit is on.

I'm thinking I'll buy everyone in town a brat, pay Owen's taxes, and pick out something in a 40 foot catamaran down around Antigua.

Maybe Owen has simply run out of other things to talk about now that reality has shredded the economic critique he's been living off of all these years. [Although I note that other loyalists from the previous regime are making out like bandits.]

Be careful Brother Robinson -- don't trade fiscal for social conservatism. That way lies Ginny and the CCLU.



James Dionne said...

I just want to say, how stupid are you if you use your personal E-mail for government business?

John Foust said...

As Recess correctly notes in the comments, it may be that Owen obtained the letter without proper handling and the balancing test that needs to be accorded to all records before they're declared "open". This could be a new debacle-et in its own right.

The library staff and board members can't hide their communications, though.

And Owen spelled "counsel" wrong.

And I don't get the Krishna reference.

Did you see the Pharyngula coverage?

PaulyW said...

Maybe you should just go to Antigua on a vacation until this is solved. Your stress level would be better and you could be rested for the upcoming school year(if you don't teach summer school)LOL.

It is so out of hand, but I think the library board see's themselves as something more than they are. Hence the mess. Again, move the books and you solve it all, but stubborn people will possibly cost the city some big bucks.

Mpeterson said...

That James, is a good question.

Mpeterson said...

Owen belief in the dogma of Friedman is not much diffrent from the way Hare Krishnas believe in the dogma of their sect.

Except, I'm thinking, the Krishnas eat better. :)

John Foust said...

Using a personal email account for official business is not illegal. It may not be wise, that's all. It may violate a City's policy that official business be conducted with an officially-provided email account, but providing such is not legally required, either.

The open records law is generally agnostic about how or where you created the record in the sense that it doesn't care if you used the personal email account. If it's a communication with other people, it's a record that can be further considered to be a releasable open record. Private info can be redacted.

Although I don't think it's ever been tested, I believe if you sent an email to yourself it could still be considered a "personal note" which is not valid material for an open records request.

Mpeterson said...

Those details, in fact, are spelled out in the statute.

Eema-le said...

I don't understand why everyone over at BS and Wissup have their panties all in a bunch over the decision by the Library Board to get a second legal opinion. The CCLU is trying to sue the individual members of the LB, Wissup has had a campaign of personal attacks on various people including members of the LB, and most importantly it sounds like the LB has good reason to question the decision to turn over all of their personal e-mails.