Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wisconsin Library association now joins.

Hi everyone,

West Bend's Common Council refused to rescind their previous vote, denying four of the current professional folks reappointment. The Council was expressing displeasure that the board, despite the fact that it acted on advice of counsel, took too long dispatching the Maziarka's complaint.

And so it goes. The WLA is now in the house.

From The WLA Blog

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Open letter to West Bend

The WLA recently sent an open letter to West Bend's Mayor, Common Council, library board, library staff, and citizens regarding the complaints about the library's collection:

The Wisconsin Library Association strongly supports the staff and trustees of the West Bend Community Memorial Library as they carefully consider challenges to the library's collection policy, while continuing to provide a library collection that represents the diverse views of the users of the library.

Free access to ideas and freedom of expression are bedrock principles of this country enshrined in the United States Constitution. Public libraries are institutions dedicated to the freedom of expression and inquiry necessary for a democracy to survive. The public library is the provider of access for all citizens to the full range of ideas, including controversial or unpopular ideas.

It is contrary to the democratic principles of this country for any group to impose its views on others through efforts to limit access to views they oppose. It is also contrary to democratic principles for attempts to be made to place control of a library in the hands of those with a narrow political agenda.

The Wisconsin Library Association commends the courageous West Bend librarians, public officials, and citizens who are standing up for free access to ideas and freedom of expression.

I suspect they'll be banning Tom Paine next.



Maria Hanrahan said...

Great, another organization for WBCFSL to target! Gotta love the letter in the DN today from Myra Murray. Those meddling folks at the ACLU, ALA and OIF are "voicing their opinions" in West Bend! Darn them for defending our civil liberties and right to intellectial freedom!

PaulyW said...

What we need here is another controversy, this is getting boring...and has lasted a lot longer than needed.

Mpeterson said...

Grin. Do you have any suggestions for one?

Jason Penterman said...

When will the city council decide to move the mountain of land fill that was Field's Furniture? The summer Saturday Farmer's market could be extended into this area and include crafts and art, thus promoting more small business. Perhaps we should make it a monument to "Unfinished Business".

Pauly said...

Now there's an idea that would make some sense. Lets focus on something productive. The library controversy has lost it's steam so to speak.

Mpeterson said...

I think I might do a column about Mount West Bend... city council actually approved the money to have that moved back in December. I'm going to check with the city engineer this or next week to find out what's up.

And those TIF districts are a financial problem for the city as well... :) Why don't one of you dig into that and we'll put it up in here?

MorninStar said...

Pfft. We would only be so lucky for this to go away. Mass hysteria has fed mass hysteria. On an messageboard I frequent I was discussing our local 'porn shop' (library) situation and a person remarked,

"I'm reminded of that scene from the movie Footloose (a classic, imo) where the conservative preacher realizes how crazy some of his followers are when he stumbles upon them burning books they object to at the local library. He stops them and admonishes them to "go home and pass judgment on yourselves ".

Yeah.. I'd like to see that.